Finding The One

Attractive african man looking through binoculars

Looking for The One

How does one find what he/she is looking for? How do you know you’ve gotten what you’ve always wanted when your wants and desires change so frequently? Questions burning in your head about is one enough? Can you live with just one? When I find the one, how do I keep her happy?

Seems rather simple, but sometimes you have what you want, and you don’t even realize it. The small signs are there but you don’t realize that she’s that into you or you’re that into her. When she into you, she just want to be around you. Spend time in your space and look at you.Women are dope. When they are happy, they just bring good energy. The vibes they exude are everything to the soul and spirit of a man. The way she looks at you when you’re doing something you’re passionate about adds fuel to your efforts and the subtle encouragement of your accomplishments humbles you and makes you appreciate her even more.  Continue reading