Missing You


Today is the first day in a long time that I regret what I’ve done to you. You were there for me when I had nothing and you often would appear when I needed something to make me smile. So many times I took you for granted when I should have been looking at the big picture. So many days I didn’t even pay attention to what you were trying to say or when you just wanted to peek out and make an appearance.

When the love is gone it changes things. I miss how you used to unexpectedly show up and just chill with me for a few weeks at a time. I miss how you used to bring joy and happiness to my persona. I loved it when you would photo bomb my selfies or talk me into buying a new shirt or pair of slacks.  Continue reading “Missing You”

Making the Pieces Fit


What is that plan? Who knows? The universe has a funny way of correcting you when you get too far off the beaten path. Every time I think I have it figured out, I find out that I only hold a piece of the puzzle. Every time I think I have the puzzle finished, I realize there are 5000 more pieces that are still in the box.

Too many times we loathe our day to day lives. We don’t appreciate the building of the puzzle, we just want to finish it and move to the next one. That’s about to change. I’m going to appreciate the building of my puzzle because I know that somewhere out there, my pieces will merge with someone else’s pieces and together we will build a picture that the universe will appreciate.

Life has taught me that the puzzle is never really finished so even though my pieces may appear to be running out, Continue reading “Making the Pieces Fit”

It’s Time To Hit The Road: Football On Deck


Football is back and I’m excited. This year is different as none of my teams really have a chance, but I am learning to deal with life after the golden era of my favorite teams. The past few years I’ve made my way to a minimum of 3 road games that the Dallas Cowboys play. One of those games is almost always played in the nations capital as we watch our beloved Cowboys take on the Washington Racial Slurs. This year, I elected not to go as the game will fall on the birthday weekend of my little princess.

If you know anything about me, nothing, (not even football) comes between me and the princess. I can’t wait until she cares enough about it to become my road dog for games but until then, I will continue to hit the road with my people who love the game as much as I do. Continue reading “It’s Time To Hit The Road: Football On Deck”

How a Smile Can Steal Your Soul


Real Smile

I remember the first time I saw it. Her smile. I remember the first time I knew it had me. Her Smile.

I pride myself on being hard to the core but the first time I saw that smile real time I was done. The smile can and will always be the gateway to the soul. It tells you everything you need to know about a person.

It will reveal if a person is slightly wounded as the look that accompanies the smile doesn’t display eternal happiness.

It will reveal if the person is experiencing the time of their life as it will not be perfectly shaped but it matches the eyes as they light up with fire and happiness. Continue reading “How a Smile Can Steal Your Soul”

Getting To Know Your Students Will Improve Their Success and Yours


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One cannot help you if they don’t understand who you are…

Does that sound like a cliche or is that real? When I think about the problems that we have in the educational system I often wonder how we can ever help those that we don’t understand. I’ve often felt a little helpless when it comes to dealing with teaching people who don’t have a grasp of the English language. Not that they aren’t brilliant, but because I know a lot gets lost in translation.

I’ve done everything I can do within reason to help eliminate the barriers as much as possible. I used to have my ex girlfriend give me a word or phrase a day that would help me stay connected to the students I was trying to reach. I think that deep down inside they were happy that I was trying to understand them so they opened up to what I was offering. The results got better and I was thankful to have a resource to lean on to make things run smoothly with those kids.  Continue reading “Getting To Know Your Students Will Improve Their Success and Yours”

15 Best Fried Chicken Spots In the US That I’ve Visited


Photo above is Dames Chicken and Waffles

To know me is to know that I know fried chicken. I’ve probably eaten at over 1000 establishments in my lifetime that serve fried chicken. I’ve eaten fried chicken in 47 of the 50 states and I am not one to leave a chicken challenge on the table as I will go to multiple places in a city if there is an argument about who’s fried chicken is the best.

Fried chicken is an art form. To get it right, requires balance and careful attention to detail. One would think that it had to be fried pretty to be good but I’ve learned that looks are only a part of the equation.  Continue reading “15 Best Fried Chicken Spots In the US That I’ve Visited”

Flying Without A Kaep


I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I should even comment on this because I know it’s an emotional topic for me to deal with. The measure of necessity in society is always a conundrum of events that placate a multitude of parameters that have to be looked at carefully.

The plight of the person of color has long been in question and the resolution of events that they usually present are often taboo and challenged by the philosophical judges that slowly persecute them upon the presentation of their means to an end.  Continue reading “Flying Without A Kaep”