Small Town USA Is Becoming An Endangered Species


Small towns in the United States have become obsolete. They are the real reason that the American economic system will never reach its intended potential. Sounds like rubbish to some, but the small town in the United States survived on blue collar workers who were willing to do things for small wages that were necessary.

From textile industry, oil fields, farming, or even cultivating resources the need for small town workers was always a bonus to the annals of American industry. So what happened? The answer to that is simple. Outsourcing. Continue reading


My Take On The Democratic National Convention

Last week I gave my take on the Republican National Convention and this week I shall do the same with the Democrats. One thing is for sure, the democrats owned their good, bad, and ugly. Many were convinced that even though times are hard, they are better than they were before Obama took office.

What I will say is that everyone has a coming up story. It appeared last week that the conservatives talked about all the adversity that their grandparents had coming up and making a fortune or guaranteeing a life for them and their successes. Well this week the Democrats who had made it weren’t talking about how their grandparents came up to provide, but how they came up.

That’s a glaring difference. It appeared to me that the conservatives came up because the programs for success were in place to help them and that they no longer needed these programs to be successful. They appeared to have forgotten where they came from. I understand that once you start to make money, you want to keep it.

I even saw a UNC player who benefited from scholarship and is now making millions in the NBA tweet:

“@kbutter5: Gonna have to do some research about this election. I like my money and I want to keep it.”

In my eyes there is nothing wrong with that. He made it; he has the right to change his mind.

The FLOTUS came out and got things cooking with the reminder of who her husband was. She concentrated on the person and left politics out of it. I liked that because her expertise is welcomed but it will never be acknowledged because of bias.

To me the best speech of the week came from Deval Patrick. The man is a future star of the Democratic Party. Regardless of who you roll with politically, Patrick is a motivator and I can see why the people of Massachusetts are happy he is their governor now.

Day two was more of the same rhetoric that you usually get and more of a pep rally than any other moment. Then it happened… Bill Clinton took the stage and reminded us of what life was like when he was president versus when Bush was president. To me this was spectacular. Clinton laid the foundation for success and reminded people where America was headed before Obama became president. It’s really too bad Clinton can’t run again. I’ll give it to the former President, he can work the room. He can talk in such a way that everyone in the room can relate.

Day three was a coronation of Obama. To me the best thing about day three was when Gabby Gifford came out and showed us why life is important. She has never quit her battle after an assassination attempt and watching her walk across that stage gave me goose bumps.

Obama then came out and started his speech slower than any time I can remember. In fact I was wondering when the rah rah guy was going to emerge. Instead he gave us facts about where we were and where we were headed. In my opinion he was more presidential last night than at any other time I have ever watched him. He didn’t sugar coat the fact that we aren’t where we want to be, but he also didn’t lay down and refuse to acknowledge all of his major accomplishments.

Now it’s time for the debates to begin and I for one am stoked. Obama has been the only one to lay down a plan that you can visibly see. The other candidates say elect me then I will show you my hand. Hopefully the debates will pull more information out about a plan for our country.