Goodbye Tony Romo


I am that person that hates to see the end of a era. There’s something bittersweet about saying goodbye to the people you grew to love especially in the sports world. The end of an era is coming for a lot of my current sports heroes. In the NBA the classes of 2002 and 2003 are by far my favorite classes. They were loaded with guys that made me enjoy the NBA again. A few guys from years before are still relevant in the NBA but that class is about to reach the point where you start circling the opportunities to see them play the next few years because father time is ready to start calling them to the land of the retired.

The NFL is a different animal all together. Sometimes players have to be moved because they are just too expensive or because the team needs to switch things up. Today I have to let go of my quarterback. Tony Romo has been the centerpiece of my fandom for the Dallas Cowboys for almost 8 years now. Continue reading


A Fans Take On the Quarterback Conundrum In Dallas


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I pride myself on being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact outside of my family, the longest relationship I’ve ever had has been with the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve loved them through thick and thin and there have been several times I’ve wanted to leave but stayed. I’m loyal to a fault and even though I step out on my team from time to time, I always have their back regardless of how I feel about them and how they are playing.

The Dallas Cowboys have a very big decision to make in the next week. The return of Tony Romo is eminent and if you were looking for a return to form, this would have been the best case scenario ever. Except the Cowboys are 5 – 1 without Romo at the helm and Rayne Dakota Prescott is balling at a high level.

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It’s Time To Hit The Road: Football On Deck


Football is back and I’m excited. This year is different as none of my teams really have a chance,¬†but I am learning to deal with life after the golden era of my favorite teams. The past few years I’ve made my way to a minimum of 3 road games that the Dallas Cowboys play. One of those games is almost always played in the nations capital as we watch our beloved Cowboys take on the Washington Racial Slurs. This year, I elected not to go as the game will fall on the birthday weekend of my little princess.

If you know anything about me, nothing, (not even football) comes between me and the princess. I can’t wait until she cares enough about it to become my road dog for games but until then, I will continue to hit the road with my people who love the game as much as I do. Continue reading

30 For 30 2013: Day 19 – Patience


Most of the people who know me know I am a pretty easy going person. Most of you can’t even say that you have ever seen me argue (unless of course you have seen me coach but that’s a whole different ball game and persona). I’m pretty relaxed most days in life. I am a go with the flow type individual. If you want to do something, just let me know and I am down most of the time.

In my professions, I have found that patience is the way to go if you want to maintain peace of mind. You can’t let little things get you wound up and you have to be willing to wait for good things and good moments to celebrate. I’m that dude that can wait for things to develop.

I don’t have a lot of expectations in life so it’s pretty easy for me.

I’m sitting here waiting for a few things patiently:

1. Dr. Dre to drop Detox. I know it’s been in the works for over 12 years but its coming. Be patient.

2. Obama to get the healthcare website fixed.. It’s sure to happen soon.

3. The Cowboys to win another Super Bowl.

4. Bacon to be declared it’s own food group. It should. It’s so delicious.

5. Make more money than I spend… That may never happen tho!!!!