Black Girl Magic: Dawn Staley Breaks Down Another Barrier for Women of Color


Last night as I watched the Women’s National Championship game I was intrigued by the multitude of match ups prevalent in the game. The giant killer Mississippi State (who knocked off UConn) and the juggernaut South Carolina Lady Gamecocks were going to square off for the third time of the season. Several factors made this game unique:

  1. Both teams were from the same conference. It happens sometimes but very rarely do you get teams who are from the same conference in a National Championship game.
  2. Mississippi State has never won a national championship of any kind in any sport.
  3. South Carolina had never won a women’s national championship.
  4. Both coaches were competing to win their first ever national championship.
  5. Dawn Staley was trying to become the second African-American female to ever win a national championship in women’s hoops.

I was excited for both teams but the fact that Dawn Staley was coaching the Gamecocks Continue reading


Why Alabama Is Different When It Comes To College Football

When you look at The University of Alabama football, it almost always looks like they stay ahead of the curve.  Taking old coaches and scrubbing them clean while rehabilitating them for future head coaching positions is the cornerstone for Nick Saban.

Nick Saban is always 5 steps in front of everyone else. Saban is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. While the NCAA and most universities play amateur sports, Saban understands that this is big business. Alabama wins because they have the best business model. They invest, they work to their own standard, they’re audacious, hold themselves accountable AND they don’t care what you think about them. Four National Championships in seven years and the favorite to win the 5th in eight years in January. Continue reading