Small Town USA Is Becoming An Endangered Species


Small towns in the United States have become obsolete. They are the real reason that the American economic system will never reach its intended potential. Sounds like rubbish to some, but the small town in the United States survived on blue collar workers who were willing to do things for small wages that were necessary.

From textile industry, oil fields, farming, or even cultivating resources the need for small town workers was always a bonus to the annals of American industry. So what happened? The answer to that is simple. Outsourcing. Continue reading




Sometimes the simplest things in life are always missed. Too many times in our lives we don’t take the right path or do what’s right. Too many times we take the easy way out. It’s like growing up watching Different Strokes when Arnold was getting bullied by the Gooch and nobody ever really came to his defense.

As a people we decide what’s acceptable and what we will tolerate by our actions. As Chanda Little put it best when giving us an example. Let’s say we planned to meet at the corner store and walk to class together every day.  While we are on our way to class, a bully and his friends approach us and begin to harass your best Continue reading