Politics, Religion, and Racial Injustice


In a world of extreme ignorance and hostility there are things in society that turn what should be a celebration into a narcissistic prejudice and a reason to be obtuse in one’s thoughts about society. America is under attack. Not from extreme terrorists, but from extremists right here in our own country. The attack is coming from all angles and quite frankly it may lead to the demise of our national and international respect as a whole.

Politically our country should be celebrating the emergence of individuals who made it. Our last two presidents have had little (44) and no (45) political experience but have found a way to make it to the most powerful position in the world. Continue reading




Sometimes the simplest things in life are always missed. Too many times in our lives we don’t take the right path or do what’s right. Too many times we take the easy way out. It’s like growing up watching Different Strokes when Arnold was getting bullied by the Gooch and nobody ever really came to his defense.

As a people we decide what’s acceptable and what we will tolerate by our actions. As Chanda Little put it best when giving us an example. Let’s say we planned to meet at the corner store and walk to class together every day.  While we are on our way to class, a bully and his friends approach us and begin to harass your best Continue reading

Conflicted, Black, and Misunderstood


What does it fully mean to be a black man in America?

I wake up every day and face the reality that I am a black man. Things aren’t easy for me and I will even admit that I haven’t done a lot to help my situation but I often wonder if there’s anything that I can do to make my situation better in America today.

Living in a country that preaches and professes opportunity, equality, and justice offers me just enough comfort to set myself up for failure since we all know that the justice system isn’t set up for people like me. I work in a world of academia and it’s disheartening when I try to teach kids about the greatness of our country and the opportunities they have due to the struggles that our forefathers endured. When teaching these things, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking that the young black children in the class can see right through me and know that the American Dream I am speaking of doesn’t pertain to them. Continue reading