Break Time….


Have you ever pushed yourself too much in an area of your life to the point that it wasn’t as fun as it used too be? I go through phases where I want to dial back who I am in many areas. What causes us to want to trade out things we love to do from time to time? Maybe it’s the Gemini in me but I’m becoming less and less infatuated with social interaction. There are times when talking on the phone seem like a chore. I’ve never really been a very social person but there are times when you feel like you should have interaction with people who you don’t see very often.  Continue reading


Misconception of The Millennials

Young people man and woman using technology gadget

Many of us have felt the wrath of what too much information can do to sensory overload. Some of the people I know and care deeply for are obsessed with confirmation of what they have and what they do. The old adage of too much information or not broadcasting everything doesn’t really exist in today’s society.

I myself have learned the ways of the millennial and use it to my advantage when perusing possible work or exclusive offers. However I refuse to fall victim to broadcasting things that will limit my opportunities and future earning potential. Therefore I never swear or use things that can be connected to hurt my chances of future employment on social media.

Being a member of Generation X we borrowed the idea of being free spirited from the Baby Continue reading

Finding Time For Yourself Before It’s Too Late


Last week was tough for me. I learned that a very good friend of mine had died of a heart attack. The troubling thing was that his family didn’t know he was dead because he paid for them to go to the beach for a weekend trip. They returned after the trip and he was missing. He’s not the type to go missing so they were considerably worried but thought that maybe he may have gone to play golf with the crew as they sometimes do.

Word spread that he was missing and we all posted flyers and posters on social media in hopes that he would be found safely. Finally things were resolved when the coroner and police showed up at his house a few days later and made the family aware that he had a heart attack while driving his car. Apparently he had been sitting there for quite a while before anyone took notice and finally called an ambulance. Unfortunately when he arrived at the hospital he was dead on arrival. They didn’t have a phone number for him and they went to the address that was in his wallet and no one was there because they were all on a trip. They finally came back because they needed to figure out what to do with the body.  Continue reading



I just realized yesterday how dependent I had gotten to social media. I was spending at least a total of 2 hours of my time a day scrolling through Instagram, looking at Twitter feeds, or surfing through videos on Snapchat or Facebook.

Then I started thinking, could I be more productive with that time and if I became more productive with that time would it allow me to get more rest or spend more time with my daughter.

Now, let’s say I spent an average of 5 minutes on site every time I checked one of these social media platforms: Continue reading