Recognizing Greatness


There are only so many chances in life to witness greatness. You aren’t really sure at first if you’re watching it until you can’t stop finding a reason to look. I’ve seen greatness in spells in my lifetime. I saw Muhammad Ali defy the odds, I saw Mike Tyson for 3 years be as unstoppable as a man can be. I remember watching Kareem with the sky hook make the greatest defenders of all time look like mere mortals.

As I’ve gotten older, I can appreciate the great athletes and what they bring to the table. Barry Sanders comes to mind when I think of a person who has done the most with less. Michael Jordan comes to mind when I think of one man who when surrounded by a great cast can put on an epic show that is undeniable. However the latest additions to legendary status in my opinion are Lebron James and Tom Brady. Continue reading


Patriots And Falcons: Old vs. New


When you think about excellence, nothing stands out like the New England Patriots. In their 16 seasons under Bill Belichick, the Patriots have won the Super Bowl four times, been runner-up twice and missed the postseason just three times. Super Bowl 51 should be a crowning achievement for the Patriots as Belichick participates in his seventh and Tom Brady tries to win his fifth making him the winningest Super Bowl quarterback of all time.

The Patriots face an Atlanta team that is participating in its second ever Super Bowl but they have yet to pop the champagne bottle as a victor. Atlanta represents the new guard when it comes to football excellence. Continue reading