Politics, Religion, and Racial Injustice


In a world of extreme ignorance and hostility there are things in society that turn what should be a celebration into a narcissistic prejudice and a reason to be obtuse in one’s thoughts about society. America is under attack. Not from extreme terrorists, but from extremists right here in our own country. The attack is coming from all angles and quite frankly it may lead to the demise of our national and international respect as a whole.

Politically our country should be celebrating the emergence of individuals who made it. Our last two presidents have had little (44) and no (45) political experience but have found a way to make it to the most powerful position in the world. Continue reading




Sometimes in life we all want a do over. One of the most powerful words in the world is a two letter word (if). Anytime you hear a sentence that begins with (if) you already know a person is thinking about what could or should have been. The word has connotations but the reality is that it very seldom has any concrete influence because as soon as people hear it, they go into rebuttal mode.

The recent presidential election has a lot of people saying: Continue reading