First Impressions Are Important


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The Question:  How do I make a better first impression with the people I meet?”

Whether at your job or on the town, no matter whom you run into you always want to make the best first impression possible – EVERYONE is judging you by your looks, posture, voice, body language and various other facets right off the bat. It is said that the impression people get from you is determined within the first 10 seconds. This short period of time can become a turning point in your life, so guys let’s get it right!

We will be outlining the top 6 ways we have found to make that great first impression, in no particular order here they are: Continue reading “First Impressions Are Important”

Is The Grass Always Greener?


The Question: “Why does it always appear that the grass is greener on the other side in relationships? Relationships are hard enough already, so why is it harder to love the one you are with instead of wanting someone else that you see?

Loving the one you’re with in life, makes good use of your time, efforts and removes feeling of pensive resentment that can set in after years of a routine relationship. That being said, there are probably only a handful of couples who have never looked back at their choices in life and wondered at one point or another, what if they had turned left instead of right at the fork in the road? Would life have turned out better, would they be happier now and would that ‘other’ person from your past made a better life partner? As we speak of anthems, it seems that when it comes to the people in our lives, the grass always seems greener on the other side, but rarely is! Continue reading “Is The Grass Always Greener?”

We All Must Meet Our Moment of Truth


Life is a conundrum of ideas and a culmination of what ifs and what should have been. Sometimes we have to cleanse before we can reach what we are trying to achieve. The problem with a cleanse is that you can flush out the bad, but old habits are hard to kill. Habits can undo us but if you can control what you are doing to create hazardous situations, then you can sustain the results of the cleanse over an extended period of time. The problem is the problem and eventually you’re going to revert back to the bad and it takes a lot of discipline to get back on track. Sometimes it means you lose some of what you have or you have to change your approach to the situation.

The realities of being a man in America are never absolute and abundance will always reign over a lack of what we desire. An abundance of money, women, and power are the assets that men covet more than anything and when he gets comfortable at any level he loses his edge and becomes like everyone else around him. Continue reading “We All Must Meet Our Moment of Truth”

Binging On The Game


Everyone appears to be in love with the Game of Thrones. I’ve heard people give the series its proper due for about 6 years now but I never really wanted to take part in the viewing of the show. It’s no secret that I’m not a real big fan of fiction and the fact that I’m a history teacher, I had reservations about viewing something that will present so many inaccuracies about what I already know. Constant communication on social media had me intrigued as people began to discuss the aspects of Season 6 as it was wrapping up.

I have to say that the communication sparked an interest from me. So I decided that I would binge watch Game of Thrones this week since I was off work. This isn’t an easy decision for me because I don’t like to lock in on anything that will keep me indoors. I said the first season would determine if I could do it or not so I went in.  Continue reading “Binging On The Game”

Getting The Exposure You Deserve As a Prospective Student Athlete Pt. 1


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Many student athletes aspire to play college athletics but aren’t really sure where they fit. Many don’t know how to get the attention of the schools they wish to attend or the attention of any school at all for that matter. So many families waste countless time and money on recruiting methods that simply don’t work.

Getting recruited by a college or university is a very distinct process. There are thousands of college programs that offer financial assistance to prospective student athletes. The process is beginning at younger ages now but it isn’t really a process that can be finalized until an official letter of intent has been drawn up and signed by the individual being recruited. Too many times we see prospective student athletes narrowing their focus to one or two schools and often times, their skills aren’t on the level that would offer them financial assistance to the institutions they desire to attend.  Continue reading “Getting The Exposure You Deserve As a Prospective Student Athlete Pt. 1”

A Letter To My Younger Self


It’s crazy how my life has changed since I was 10 years old. My nickname at age 10 was Tank. It started because of my ability on the football field. I had a saying then that: “YOU EITHER ROLL WITH ME OR I ROLL OVER YOU!!” As I sit here and ponder, it is time I wrote the little me a letter to let him know what is ahead of him in life. Little Joe Simmons needs to know what to expect in his future.

What’s up little man? I bet you didn’t expect to be hearing from me right about now. Next year is going to be big for you. You will be eleven years old and headed to middle school. You are going to get a couple of girls to remain nameless to start sweating your swag. One will even stick her tongue in your mouth when she kisses you, but don’t worry my friend its natural. She will be doing a lot more with her tongue when you guys hook back up in high school. Continue reading “A Letter To My Younger Self”

Turning The Page To The Next Chapter


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Everyone’s life is a novel of highs and lows. Where your book reaches the climax is ultimately up to you. Sometimes we think we are at our highest and something or someone comes along and pushes us to uncharted territory. How we get there is a mute point. Getting there is really all that matters.

Life has a funny way of showing us that our destiny may be within reach but we have to make sure we can pave the road to achieve the highest levels of success. Sometimes drifting off the beaten path teaches us lessons that make life a little easier when we get back on the road to success.  Continue reading “Turning The Page To The Next Chapter”