Why Sterling Sharpe Should Be A Hall of Fame Wide Receiver

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers - September 4, 1994
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Sterling Sharpe (84) struggles for more yardage during a 16-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on September 4, 1994, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay

To know me is to know that there are very few guys I go against the grain for. However, Sterling Sharpe is one of those guys. I remember the first time I saw him up close, he was at a football camp in Fayetteville, NC that Redskins safety Brad Edwards was having and listening to him talk about football made me a believer in him. I was already a fan but listening to him describe why to a little kid showed me that he was passionate about his craft.

That being said, Sharpe had his career cut short by a neck injury that could have left him paralyzed if he would have tried to continue playing. Sharpe was already a superstar but when his career was cut short, he lost out on the opportunity to have a legitimate quarterback throwing him the rock for the next 6 – 7 years.

Sharpe’s brother Shannon made the Hall a couple of years ago and he even admitted in his speech that he wasn’t the best football player in his family. Let’s not get it twisted, Shannon is deserving of the Hall, but in comparison to his brother, he’s not even close talent wise.  Continue reading “Why Sterling Sharpe Should Be A Hall of Fame Wide Receiver”

Fading To Black


Last week was dark for me. It rained every day but one last week and the police killed a few more black men in the United States. It’s just so confusing to me how we can disarm a person who bombs half of New York and take them in safely but we can’t take an unarmed black man into custody without putting a few bullet holes in his chest from point blank range.

I was in dire need of a respite but work called. Now I’m a little tired but I feel like work usually keeps me busy enough that my wheels don’t spin more than they should. If you know me and you’ve ever seen me, I get this look and you can tell that my mind is moving 100 miles per minute. I arrived at work today optimistic about having a good day until I started today’s lesson.

Today we looked at Census Data and population trends to help us understand how various demographics vote during elections. Population trends of course help us prepare for things we need to have in the future. We made it through the major demographics of people and one of my students picked up on something that I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to address.  Continue reading “Fading To Black”

We’re Dying and No One’s Crying


I walked into my classroom today to talk statistics and census data.  Before I could even get it moving in the right direction I had a student ask me my opinion about the recent array of police shooting of black men across America over the past few years.

I took a deep breath and decided that it was time to hit the reset button and re-calibrate my answer before going off on a tirade in the class and scaring the heck out of the predominantly majority population that was present. So I hit the young white male who asked the question with “give me a minute because I want to make sure I give you something you can take home with you.”

After re-calibration was complete I spoke openly about what it means to be a black man in society. You aren’t looked at like other people. In fact you aren’t given the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had instances where I’ve been humiliated or pressed to oblige because a police officer decided that they wanted to assert their power over a black man .  Continue reading “We’re Dying and No One’s Crying”

Conflicted, Black, and Misunderstood


What does it fully mean to be a black man in America?

I wake up every day and face the reality that I am a black man. Things aren’t easy for me and I will even admit that I haven’t done a lot to help my situation but I often wonder if there’s anything that I can do to make my situation better in America today.

Living in a country that preaches and professes opportunity, equality, and justice offers me just enough comfort to set myself up for failure since we all know that the justice system isn’t set up for people like me. I work in a world of academia and it’s disheartening when I try to teach kids about the greatness of our country and the opportunities they have due to the struggles that our forefathers endured. When teaching these things, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking that the young black children in the class can see right through me and know that the American Dream I am speaking of doesn’t pertain to them. Continue reading “Conflicted, Black, and Misunderstood”

Another Birthday For My Princess


Today I celebrate the love of my life. She came to me in a small package but she’s growing into the young lady I thought she could be. Every year she reminds me more of myself as my DNA becomes stronger inside her. As she continues to grow and develop, I am reminded of how life comes at you fast and that you should always relish the moments you have with those that you love.

Six years ago today I was given the opportunity to be a man, a father, a leader and I accepted it and you with open arms. I’ve never looked back and I don’t ever plan on it. So today I celebrate my daughter, Taylor Joelle Simmons. I love you baby girl. Continue to grow and prosper. My hopes are that one day when you are older this public journal of my thoughts will give you more insight on who your daddy was and that he lived, loved, and gave a lot of himself for others.

As we walk side – by – side in our walk of life, continue to be who you are and continue to prosper. Remember that your daddy loves you.

What Washington Won’t Tell You About Why Josh Norman Wasn’t on Antonio Brown


I’ve been trying to hold off on posting this but I’ve just watched too many interviews about the greatness of Josh Norman and the Washington Racial Slurs for not putting him on Antonio Brown in the beat down the Racial Slurs took while taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Let me preface this by saying that I love Josh Norman as a player. He is confident and he gets the most out of his ability. We’ve seen him have a lot of success against some premier wide receivers and he holds his own in most instances. That being said, let me also remind you that Antonio Brown isn’t your average cut of the mill wide receiver.

Washington was maligned because they played Bashaud Breeland on Brown. Truth being told, Breeland gave them a much better chance on Brown than Josh Norman could have. Josh Norman can’t run with Antonio Brown. Breeland is faster and far more fluid than Norman and you have to believe the Washington coaching staff knew that as well.

Continue reading “What Washington Won’t Tell You About Why Josh Norman Wasn’t on Antonio Brown”

Bigger Than That


The hardest thing in life to do is to be the bigger person. Some of us are overwhelmingly obtuse and can’t forgive when called upon to do so. Forgiving people or taking the high road is a rare commodity in American society today. People hold grudges for things that are petty and immature for extended periods of time.

When is it okay to let go of something that has you feeling some kind of way? How long is long enough to allow something to fester inside of you? I’ve taken the high road a lot in my lifetime. I learned that letting go is always better than letting “what if” or “hell no” play out in my head for an extended period of time.

People and situations come and go, so why would you allow someone to instill a trait in you that creates unhealthy vibes? Surround yourself with positives and flourish like the butterfly that you are. It’s far better than being the bearer of hate and discontent.