Keeping The Things That Matter


Have you ever had something that you wanted more than anything, then you got it and didn’t know how to keep it? Happens to me quite a bit. Not sure how or why I can’t get it right but for some reason it always appears to happen to me. It can be something or someone and I always and I mean always find a way to lose it.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s meant for me to have things I desire. Even when I take care of the things I cherish the most, they always find a way to disappear or become unusable. Why this happens is beyond me but it always appears to be the case. From this point forward, I will hold on a little tighter, give things more care, and appreciate the value of the things I want to keep.

Finding what you want is hard and keeping it is even harder. This past weekend I had a discussion with a friend. We talked about value and self worth. The main focus was that sometimes the things we value most don’t add value to our lives. When things we find things that add value to our lives we need to preserve them and when they don’t add value, we need to let them go or get what we can for them.  Continue reading “Keeping The Things That Matter”

A Fans Take On the Quarterback Conundrum In Dallas


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I pride myself on being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact outside of my family, the longest relationship I’ve ever had has been with the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve loved them through thick and thin and there have been several times I’ve wanted to leave but stayed. I’m loyal to a fault and even though I step out on my team from time to time, I always have their back regardless of how I feel about them and how they are playing.

The Dallas Cowboys have a very big decision to make in the next week. The return of Tony Romo is eminent and if you were looking for a return to form, this would have been the best case scenario ever. Except the Cowboys are 5 – 1 without Romo at the helm and Rayne Dakota Prescott is balling at a high level.

Continue reading “A Fans Take On the Quarterback Conundrum In Dallas”

Getting Your MOJO Back


I’ll admit that I’ve been stuck in a rut for the past few weeks. I’m very goal oriented and when I’m just a little off, I get caught in a whirlwind and lose focus on what it is that I want to get out of my daily routine.

Obstacles come in various forms and for me all it takes is a little nudge in the wrong direction and I end up all over the place. It can be something as simple as an accusation or as complex as a problem at work but anything out of the norm will set me back a little. Continue reading “Getting Your MOJO Back”

Why Homecoming At An HBCU Is A Family Event



High school graduation is a benchmark in everyone’s lives. It marks the beginning of your new life. Whether you’re going to college, the military, or you’re staying home and getting a job, that day you graduate from high school sets the tone for the rest of your life.

Many of you will leave high school and go to college. College is where you will form and develop lifelong friends. It’s amazing to me how little I contact and communicate with my high school friends, but I’m always engaged or communicating with people I went to college with.

The epicenter of college entertainment is the homecoming. Homecoming at an HBCU is like a family reunion that never ends. It’s a week of festivities that connect generations of people with common accolades and brings opportunity and circumstance to people in need or people who are social butterflies.  Continue reading “Why Homecoming At An HBCU Is A Family Event”



I just realized yesterday how dependent I had gotten to social media. I was spending at least a total of 2 hours of my time a day scrolling through Instagram, looking at Twitter feeds, or surfing through videos on Snapchat or Facebook.

Then I started thinking, could I be more productive with that time and if I became more productive with that time would it allow me to get more rest or spend more time with my daughter.

Now, let’s say I spent an average of 5 minutes on site every time I checked one of these social media platforms: Continue reading “DeActivate”

Finding The One

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Looking for The One

How does one find what he/she is looking for? How do you know you’ve gotten what you’ve always wanted when your wants and desires change so frequently? Questions burning in your head about is one enough? Can you live with just one? When I find the one, how do I keep her happy?

Seems rather simple, but sometimes you have what you want, and you don’t even realize it. The small signs are there but you don’t realize that she’s that into you or you’re that into her. When she into you, she just want to be around you. Spend time in your space and look at you.Women are dope. When they are happy, they just bring good energy. The vibes they exude are everything to the soul and spirit of a man. The way she looks at you when you’re doing something you’re passionate about adds fuel to your efforts and the subtle encouragement of your accomplishments humbles you and makes you appreciate her even more.  Continue reading “Finding The One”

Closing The Gap


The world is getting crazier by the day. Too many people take for granted things that benefit them the most. They don’t capitalize on their rights to vote and they take their education for granted.

Access is extremely hard to come by in most instances. Getting the right to vote and obtaining quality education are not to be take for granted. Americans have fought viciously for the rights to do these things and yet generations of people have taken them for granted.

It’s time that we do whatever it takes to close some of the gaps that we have in society. There is a significant gap in economic conditions in American society. The only way to close that gap is to elect people that provide a platform for education and job advancement. The only way to qualify for that type of advancement is to be educationally prepared to make a difference. So step up and be a part of the solution and stop contributing to the alleged status quo.

In order to close the gap, there’s work to be done. Let’s get out and do it.