30 For 30 2013: Day 4 – Helping Friends Help Themselves


I always have to have an entertaining post in the 30 for 30 series. Not because I’m not being thankful, but because it’s just something that I always do. I have played with this post before on my previous site but I thought I would address it again as I go through and explain why I am thankful that I can classify my female friends into categories.

I have a friend who is real good with the ladies. He is a G of sorts. He always makes bad choices when it comes to his women so I put together a method to help him weed out the women he should get close too and the one’s he should ignore. You have to find something to connect the ladies too so that you can always prioritize where they should stand in your life. I explained to him that it is very similar to the seating on an Expressway Train. He was like really, why a train? I had to explain to him that I am not really a wealthy person so I have to keep it within reason and if I can keep it to something that I can relate to I will always know where they stand in the back of my mind.

This method is fool proof and should help you to get your females seated properly on your “Love Train”.

Who are your 1st Class Ladies

Use this as a barometer; say you have 100 ladies on your new Iphone messenger.  You get pulled over and have five unpaid parking tickets in whatever town, city or county you are in.

1st class

They decide to take you to jail and tell you that you have a $1000 bond and $500 of it has to be paid in the next three hours or you are going upstairs in an orange jumpsuit and possibly raped by a group of thugs that you really have no business even being near.

Frantically you send out a broadcast message to your 100 ladies asking to be bailed out.  If this were to happen….. How many of that 100 without asking questions or even asking for the money back would hustle up that $500 to get you out?

Here is where the challenge gets real. The ladies who step up for you should be sitting in 1st class.  These are the ladies you should be taking out to dinner, buying drinks, taking to restaurants with the comfortable seats, and posting up at the movie theater with.  These are the young ladies you should be paying attention to, keeping in touch with and inviting on trips you take when you go to watch professional sporting events.

There are good women of all races out there.  If you find a good woman either as a friend or a lover treat her accordingly because she deserves it. Actually while writing this I just thought of a 1st class lady I haven’t been in touch with I am about to tell her how much I appreciate her, if she is reading this I am sure she knows who she is.

Who are your Economy Class Ladies

Now these are the type of women who may not have come up with the entire $500, but they might put a $250 deposit on it if you signed a promissory note. They are close to 1st class, but there is something minor that won’t allow you to upgrade them.

Some of them may have a boyfriend or husband, or they have a few too many freakish tendencies. You have also seen their antics with other dudes before and you don’t really want that headache.  Maybe they are the popular chick. Everywhere they go, everyone knows their name. Whatever the reason they have a red flag that would need to be corrected before they could come to first class.

They are cool when you bring them drinks on the train so you allow them to keep the can because they are kinda on your side and will fight in your corner if you deem it necessary.  In fact you might even go as far as hooking them up with an extra pillow, so they are comfortable.

Nothing wrong with Economy chicks you just need to keep a watchful eye on them.

Who are your Coach Ladies

These types of women would have told you: “I can get the $500 by Friday.”

Unfortunately, you were locked up on Monday. The majority of Coach Chicks are tricks, which means they are hustlers, so you have to put them in their place which is the back of the train because they don’t really deserve to be where the good stuff is.

These young ladies are good for sex and they know how get low at the club, but they aren’t necessarily worthy of keeping the can of soda and you need to put a lot of ice in their cup cause they can be wasteful.  These are the women you keep at a distance and never catch feelings with. Whatever you do please don’t spend your hard earned cash on females in coach.  Oh and they only get one pack of honey roasted nuts as well.


Who are your Stand By Ladies

The type of female who two weeks after you were locked up leaves you this message:

“Are you still in jail?”  Basically if you allow a standby on your train that means you are desperate or someone in coach decided another man has upgraded her to 1st class on different train and you have room to allow someone on and she fills the void.

You know you shouldn’t even be dealing with a standby.  She isn’t good for you and there is a reason she isn’t on the train.  But ironically you keep her around just in case you just need someone to fill a seat.

So remember Fellas always be aware of who you are allowing on your train and make sure they are seated accordingly.

That way you assure yourself a safe trip and a track popping good time.


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