The Day The Savage Died


Let me tell you a story about my homie. He was born a wanderer, a lost soul. Oddly enough he knew how to cope. Days would pass and he applied himself as a savage beast, as he roamed for years looking to conquer everything in site. Four phases of his life he walked the straight and narrow. He was a one woman man and loved them unconditionally.

The first was at a young age. During his high school years he was locked down by a dark-skinned cutie from his hometown. She had his soul on a string and she may have turned him into the beast he is today with the hurt she put him through.

The second was with a caramel divine sweet thing, lets call her Shells. She was like the gatekeeper of his heart. He was truly out of the game with her. He stopped kicking it with the fellas. He started doing the whole movies and chill bit, but for some reason she decided that enough was enough and she too broke him down into pieces and fueled the beast.

The third was the one who had him at hello. Let’s call her Jean. She was full of love and earnest but she too was thirsty for more than my homie could ever deliver. They appeared to be great together at first but then the thirst got the best of both of them and the savage won out.

The fourth was the one that provided joy that is hard to explain. Let’s call her Deana. They did so much together but realistically they were two different people. She was an affectionate person and he is a soldier, a lone wolf. She was a go getter and vibrant soul whereas he’s more of a go with the flow eclectic. My homie professed that he was ready to get out of the game before things went bad. As things got serious a piece of me was ready to believe he might actually be serious. He hit me up and was like “homie, I think I’m going to give her the keys to the Jag.” This was uncharted territory as he never used commitment in a sentence before. My homie had a problem though. He loves the women. A lot. He and Deana have had issues because of a chick he used to smash. Sounds petty but the problem is he was smahing her periodically when they were on and off in relationships. That’s been long over but it always comes up. Unfortunately he’s petty as hell and will throw things in her face even if they aren’t true just to get a rise out of her. Finally she was fed up and left him lonely and heartbroken.

This last time hurt as the savage that burned deep inside him temporarily died with their breakup.

Each of these women had something that grabbed his soul. Each of them took a piece of him with them when they left. There’s not a lot of heart left in his body and the savage who usually feeds on hurt, has found himself doubting and alone. I’ve never seen him like this but he needs a fresh start. Unlike me, my homie is a believer. He believes in manifest destiny and that God is looking out for him. Hopefully he’s right. I don’t like seeing him wandering like a lost puppy. It’s not the friend I came to know. Maybe Deana was the one who got away or maybe just the one who taught him that love comes in various forms. Either way all he can do is be thankful for the lesson. Because the lesson was a good one.


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