Sometimes Being an Adult Is Overrated


Commitment is a hard animal to absorb and being responsible is even harder. Life requires adults to handle both responsibly.  Some days the burdens of being an adult really make me long for my childhood years again. Whether it’s the long days with your children or an extensive list of things you have to do for work, the totality of it all makes you wonder why you rushed the best years of your life away to be an adult.

I remember being a young carefree kid who didn’t have many worries. I didn’t have to get up and go to work, nor did I have to get a child ready for school. I love my job and I love my kid but I miss being carefree and not having any real worries.

Life does come at you fast and most of what we have in life can be attributed to hard work and self accomplishment. Some days we just need to be able to unleash the kid in us to remind ourselves that life can be as good as we choose. This works as long as we remember that we have a responsible roll to fulfill once that fun has ended.

We find our escapes as adults through things that give us gratification. Our love for sports and entertainment give us the high that we are chasing to release the inner child. We travel and visit places to let our guard down and envelop relationships with people far and wide. We balance our life so that we can find those releases. I get mine by going on trips and going to games. Whether it’s snow sledding in Indiana with a loved one or going to a Cowboy’s game with your ace, you find a kid in you to let loose from time to time.

Moral of the story…. let that kid out and enjoy life, just know that kid can’t stay out forever because you have responsibilities as an adult.


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