Putting Things Off


Habits are ridiculous. We often take things for granted or assume that it will be easier to put things on the back burner until another day. Why do human beings feel obligated to put things off for later that could be easily done at the current time? There are several factors that contribute to the inclination to put things off.

Life comes at you fast and allocation of time is pertinent. Whether you are taking trips or you have a lot of jobs to take care of, managing time is essential to success. How many times have you taken a trip and forgot something that you should have easily packed away but because you waited until the last minute it went completely unnoticed and was forgotten? 

The most successful people on earth argue that preparation is almost as essential as dedication. A prepared person takes care of things without letting them pile up. They are essentially playing checkers while others are playing chess. What does that mean? It means that chess players have to think 3 and sometimes 4 moves ahead to make calculated necessary decisions. Checkers players react because they are always playing in the now. Sometimes they put themselves in bad situations because they don’t think things out and often times they move right into their opponents fury. When we procrastinate we put ourselves right into life’s fury.

Life punishes us for putting things off. Try booking a flight at the last minute and see how much it costs you. Try booking a concert ticket or a game ticket at the last minute and see what it costs you. Planning isn’t a strong suit for everyone but it is a necessary evil in a lot of what we do.


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