Binging On The Game


Everyone appears to be in love with the Game of Thrones. I’ve heard people give the series its proper due for about 6 years now but I never really wanted to take part in the viewing of the show. It’s no secret that I’m not a real big fan of fiction and the fact that I’m a history teacher, I had reservations about viewing something that will present so many inaccuracies about what I already know. Constant communication on social media had me intrigued as people began to discuss the aspects of Season 6 as it was wrapping up.

I have to say that the communication sparked an interest from me. So I decided that I would binge watch Game of Thrones this week since I was off work. This isn’t an easy decision for me because I don’t like to lock in on anything that will keep me indoors. I said the first season would determine if I could do it or not so I went in. 

I decided to carry my tablet to the gym with me and started watching the first two episodes during my cardio session. As I ran on the treadmill, I was trying to get a feel of the characters as the concentration was on the Stark family. I’ll have to admit that following characters on this show was hard. I know it may sound a little racist, but a lot of the characters on the show look like they are being played by the same person. The way they dressed and the way they wore their hair had half of the men looking like they were legitimately the same person.

Upon introduction there were a few characters that jumped off the screen to me. I immediately fell in love with three characters. The first was Jon Snow. His relationship with the young Stark children made me believe he would have a central position in the show, but little did I know his character would evolve the way it did.

Another character that had my attention right away was that of Arya Stark. I almost always seem to gravitate to the young characters who demonstrate charisma and Arya Stark didn’t disappoint. In the first two seasons her character was paramount as it took on so many personas.

The third character, that peaked my interest, evolved much later in season two was Daenerys Targaryan, also know as, The Queen of Dragons. Upon introduction her character was the glue that made the show interesting even though it was in line with a lot of fiction, she has to learn a lot in a very small amount of time to make herself a capable leader.

The final character that got my attention was Tyrion Lannister. How can you not love a small guy who drinks like he’s a giant and loves brothels? He’s like a Biggie Small verse “money, hoes, and clothes are all a brother knows.” I had no idea that such a small character would have such a great impact on the show.

As time progressed seasons 1 and 2 were great. Then season 3 rolled around and I knew I was hooked. I loved everything about the first 3 season. Then the show went left. Seasons 4 and 5 were substandard but for a reason. They were painting a picture of what was to come.

Season 5 ended with a bang and then season 6 took center stage and each of the four characters I fell in love with became the focal points of the show. Season 6 didn’t disappoint and now I will be a loyal watcher of the series. Social media has again led me to something that will be a big part of my life for years to come. If you haven’t watched, you should. If you have watched then you already know what I’m talking about.



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