Making the Pieces Fit


What is that plan? Who knows? The universe has a funny way of correcting you when you get too far off the beaten path. Every time I think I have it figured out, I find out that I only hold a piece of the puzzle. Every time I think I have the puzzle finished, I realize there are 5000 more pieces that are still in the box.

Too many times we loathe our day to day lives. We don’t appreciate the building of the puzzle, we just want to finish it and move to the next one. That’s about to change. I’m going to appreciate the building of my puzzle because I know that somewhere out there, my pieces will merge with someone else’s pieces and together we will build a picture that the universe will appreciate.

Life has taught me that the puzzle is never really finished so even though my pieces may appear to be running out, there is another box with my name on it to continue the next phase of my masterpiece. It could be that my puzzle is supposed to merge with another one and I don’t get those pieces until we’ve both finished what we are building now, or it could be that we’re on the right track building and even though it may seem like we’re building in opposite directions, our universe will pull the pieces together when we least expect it.

Sometimes you have to get things in order to appreciate the process. Sometimes to appreciate the process, you have to embrace that all pieces aren’t the same and you have to be very careful when trying to make something fit when it’s not really supposed too. All we can control is what’s in front of us. One Piece At A Time.


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