Who’s The Real Trash Here


I’ll admit that I spend a lot of time on social media. In fact I’ve probably learned more from being on Twitter than I did in college. That being said, sometimes people take things way too far on social media.

The reason I say that I’ve learned more is because sometimes people say things on there that I question and it makes me go do more research, or reach out to someone who is an expert on the area in question.

Sometimes I see people question things and go into rants on things that I consider myself an expert on. The other day, while on Twitter, there was a debate over stamina and the quality of the box. (That’s about as P.G. as I can put it)…

The question was if the box is good, the male wouldn’t be able to perform run at a high level and operate for an extended period of time. When I watched in amazement of how many people signed off on this, I was shocked to say the least. Is this the trash millennials are spreading these days. I guess you need an excuse for being quick at the draw when you’re out here in these streets trying to fake it. You have to tell her something to make her feel better about you not being able to go the distance. So I guess it’s better to inflate her ego than to live with the truth.

You realize by saying this, you are saying that you have actually performed a time run a long race or two in your life. Be honest with yourself. When you ran that long race, you’re saying the box was trash that you ran in. That just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why stay a long time in a place you don’t like being there? It’s a little confusing to even make this argument.

I do realize that box quality is subjective. Trash is trash but how one defines it is relative. Secondly stamina is achieved like any other thing in life. It’s a mindset and requires patience and practice. I once had a girl tell me that she was offended that I performed played at such a high level and had endurance. She said that it was an insult to her and that it made her insecure. I was astonished. In my day it wasn’t acceptable to be a sprinter. If you couldn’t run a marathon, a half marathon, or at least a ten miler, you were a liability to say the least. (notice all of those races take longer than an hour and require lots of stretching before and afterwards)

So stop it with the bull. If you can’t run a 10 k stop faking it. If you struggle to run a 5 k, stop telling everyone you’re a distance runner. Just work on getting better at those 800 meter sprints you run and be good at it. You never know, one day you may be able to finish a mile and then the sky is the limit.


2 thoughts on “Who’s The Real Trash Here

  1. Ponda October 31, 2016 / 11:36 am


    • Joe Simmons October 31, 2016 / 11:37 am

      I’m listening to people rationalize this stuff and thinking who comes up with this stuff

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