Changing It Up


Sometimes I just like to break the monotony and start my day differently than the previous days. Whether it be sending a corny joke to a significant other or calling a person who I haven’t talked too in a long period of time. Being a creature of habit is sometimes boring so it’s good to mix things up. The problem is that when people get used to you being a certain way, when you switch it up, they think something is up or something is going on because you’re acting or doing things differently.

I’ve learned a lot about people the past few years. Some people are impossible. They can find or suspect the worst in everything. Regardless of what you do, they find something bad in it. They sit and look for the bad all day long and when something looks a little off, they bring it too your attention. The reality is they will never be happy because they can’t get over themselves.

When you are always trying to stay ahead of someone, you stop living and you start surviving. You’re trying too hard and in many ways you miss out on the things that made you love that person in the first place. I learned this the hard way and vowed to never be that person again. Sometimes you just gotta go with it. I tell people all the time that they should relish opportunities and change. Play along sometime and don’t be so serious because you didn’t get it or you don’t get it immediately.

Live a little and learn a little. None of us have all the answers, but those of us who know that life has many ins and outs enjoy life more. When I stopped being a detective and started living, I figured out that the things I was searching for found their way to me without me even looking. Even then, I didn’t let it pull me into a pit, I found a way to learn from it and move on.

Life is funny that way.


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