Running vs. Cross Training


If you follow me on any social media you would swear I was a runner. For many months I used the hashtag #butimnotarunnertho and folks would tell me that I was. Ironically I do run about every day. The difference is, I’m not a runner by choice or by force, its just a part of my everyday routine to keep weight off.

I was a big man a few years ago. I was hitting the scale at 305 pounds. I started a cardio regimen of one and a half hours a day to help get the weight off. Whether it be biking, running, walking, elliptical, or several sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) the objective was to get to at least an hour and a half of cardio per day.

Some days to reduce the boredom, I do a variety of them but it always seems as if running is a part of the routine. Not because it’s my favorite, but because its the one choice that doesn’t require any equipment at all to perform.

Contrary to popular belief, I consider myself more of a cross trainer than a runner. It’s not that I’m not claiming being a runner, because I wish that I was one. I wish I would wake up every morning and want to go for a 5 or 10 mile run. I wish that I wanted to run half marathons and full marathons. For now I’ll stick to cross training. It works for me.


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