Go For It


Yesterday I was hit with the question is it okay to just want a physical relationship with someone. In reality, there is nothing wrong with wanting a physical relationship from someone you like. You just have to better understand that she has to be on the same page as you and you need to know who you are.

Since I am a former college football coach, I’ll create a scenario that you can relate too in case we have a few younger readers stumble upon the site. Female readers read closely as well because I am sure you will understand what I am saying just as good as the male readers.

Imagine you are a Head Coach for a minute. There are several situations come your way all the time. How you handle them says a lot about you and how you handle adversity.

Here is the scenario. There are four minutes left in the 4th quarter and you are down by four points.

Your team is at the fifty yard line and you have the ball but it is 4th down and two yards to go.

What are you going to do?

You have two timeouts so you have to make a decision. Do you punt and hope you get another shot or will you go for it and live with the consequences?

Most coaches’ would punt in this situation. It is the safe thing to do and maybe your defense will hold and get you that second chance at a successful drive. Unfortunately that is the same attitude most men have when pursing the women they desire.

We often opt for the safe play because it brings us a sense of security when in fact we should be more aggressive. You should let her know you are here to play and play hard. You will not be denied the chance to score any and every chance you get.

Most women favor the bold.  Sometimes you have to line up in the “I” formation and run a dive right into the hole. Yeah sometimes you are going to get stopped, but the majority of time you will succeed because she will let you. Trust me, I know, and if you stick with me long enough I will tell you how.

First of all you have to be a confident but reliable coach.  You can’t be weak at clock management (time is ticking) in regards to asking for what you want from the young lady. The direct approach is always the best. If you aren’t in it for the long haul there is no need in wasting her time. Let her know what you want. She knows if she is going to sleep with you 20 minutes into your first conversation. You think I am kidding right. Ask any of your female friends that have dudes that they have messed with when they knew they were going to break him off. You will be surprised at the answer. Dragging your feet as a coach or man is the quickest way to get you stopped behind the line of scrimmage and have the clock run out and you stand there a loser.

The first thing you need to figure out as a man, is what you want out of the woman you are pursuing.

  • Do you want a friend?
  • Do you want a girlfriend?
  • Do you want a girl to just call at 2am?
  • Do you want a Vegas woman (you know the women who you just meet on trips)?

If your main intention is to just getting broke off, it is very important that you don’t act like you want something else. Trust me that never ends well.

That is one of the biggest issues women have with the male species.  We get in front of the podium and proclaim to be a ‘running’ team and then next game, we line up in the shotgun and throw dozens of roses at the feet of women.

Seriously if you ask any woman what she desires most about a man, she will tell you Honesty. The reason men lie to women is the same reason why the coach punts on 4th and 2.  It is the fear of rejection and the fear that if he doesn’t convert that he will be seen as a failure.

Sometimes you just have go for it, be prepared to take the ‘Loss’ and keep it moving.

Once you have decided to go for it, of course you will need a play that is going to work.

This is the easiest part. No need for anything fancy, the best play is the simplest:


Now ask with some tact (which I know some of you don’t have, so there is nothing I can do about that).  At first she might be a little taken aback by your directness, but I promise you that more than often than not, you will get the answer you are looking for.

Just remember when you hit the hole don’t go in there dancing around and running to the sidelines.  Square your Shoulder Pads, don’t forget to buckle up your helmet, put your head down and hit the hole hard. You know Joe Simmons Style!


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