Friend, Acquaintance, or Taker


Do you have that one friend or associate who only calls on you when they need something? You haven’t heard from them in weeks or even months and all of a sudden out of nowhere they show up or because they are going to be near you they want to connect? Real friends don’t just pop up when it’s convenient. Real friends show love all the time.

Its frustrating when you think someone is in your corner for the long haul and they really only want to interact because it provides some convenience for them. Maybe they just want to kick it or maybe they just want you to drop some coin on them while they are in your presence. 

I get it all the time. It can be as simple as phone calls wanting to borrow excessive amounts of cash to needing to use something that you have or something as simple as would you like too…. with the intent that you are going to pay for any and everything. A few weeks ago I had a person that I used to hear from on the regular call me and ask me to borrow a thousand dollars. First of all, I haven’t heard from you in 6 months so HELLO… I’m not sure why you’d think I’d have a G just sitting around anyways and if you really knew me, you’d know that December to January is the poorest month cycle of the year for me.

Honestly it takes me til March to get back on track 100% in my budgeting because of the way I get paid during those months. I’m sitting around eating egg sandwiches and I’m supposed to drop a G on you and let you ball out of control? Not hardly.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this but it’s not a good look. If we are cool enough for you to ask me for something or want something from me, we should be having conversation more frequently. Just a random thought.



2 thoughts on “Friend, Acquaintance, or Taker

  1. femmemuscle January 17, 2017 / 10:22 am

    Good morning Mr. Simmons 🙂

    Over the years, i’ve noticed society has “settled” in everything. There used to be real news journalists when i was growing up. Now we have crap that so-called “journalists” who do a quick “copy and paste job” from social media. And people gladly read it, and call it “news”

    Celebrities not only had to ACT but it was a requirement for them to sing, dance and play at least one or two instruments. Now in this younger generation we settle for just the ones we want to have sex with.

    Music? The most talented of all cultures in this category was always African Americans, who could play a range from Blues, Jazz to Pop – could not only sing and dance, but play piano, guitar drums. Now? We have rappers. So what?

    These examples are letting people know, we have “settled” in “everything”..And to make it “okay” we index the people we know: “Peer” “Coworker” “Acquaintance” “Drunk Buddy” “Bro” “Gossip Buddy” “Drunk Buddy”, etc.

    The problem with people today is they are lazy in everything. They want a big bank account – but they don’t want to work, let alone work HARD to get it. They want a meaningful relationship – but they also want to “keep their options open”. They want a person that has a hot body and beautiful face, but they don’t want to work on themselves. They want people to be “real” with them – yet they play games. They have questions, but they want someone to “spoon feed” them the answers. They want to learn to fight – but too intimidated to go to a gym and become physically fit nor can they take a punch.

    People who settle – will attract others that settle for anything.

    People of quality, do not compromise their standards – and attract others like them.

    We all know what a friend is. But the problem is, society is so afraid of “other people’s opinions” or being “not liked” that they don’t stand up for themselves, demand respect, have any standards, boundaries, or requirements for a friendship. So they hang on to whatever comes through that door – and complain about it later. Then grin in that person’s face just as they are grinning in yours when they come around.

    As long as you are true to yourself, and will not compromise – you will never have this problem. Of course, you won’t have tons of people knocking down your door? But at least you’ll have peace of mind..

    Tupac Shakur once said: The realist people don’t have a lot of friends.. crudely stated? but well said..

    • Joe Simmons January 17, 2017 / 10:33 am

      All very good points. There is nothing better than piece of mind. I’ve lost quite a few friends as a result of cutting them off or putting them in a box because I didn’t feel like they had genuine perspective. I’ve also allowed some to latch on and stay in the circle far longer than they should have been able too. I’ve made a clear attempt in 2017 to clean out my box of those that needed to go. Unfortunately there are still a few that need to go. Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate your comments.

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