Politics, Religion, and Racial Injustice


In a world of extreme ignorance and hostility there are things in society that turn what should be a celebration into a narcissistic prejudice and a reason to be obtuse in one’s thoughts about society. America is under attack. Not from extreme terrorists, but from extremists right here in our own country. The attack is coming from all angles and quite frankly it may lead to the demise of our national and international respect as a whole.

Politically our country should be celebrating the emergence of individuals who made it. Our last two presidents have had little (44) and no (45) political experience but have found a way to make it to the most powerful position in the world. However the 44 presidency was smeared with racist and unprecedented insubordination on all levels of government and now 45 enters the fold and has fallen on the other end of the sword as he’s being labeled as the racist insubordinate.

45 has legislated an Executive Order limiting the admission of Muslims into America. 45, a devoted, christian appears to be piggy-backing the sentiment that many Anglo-Saxon constituents have perpetuated for periods of time behind closed doors but now has gone public with a vengeance. Several people have stepped up and started protesting  as the Order has taken many by surprise. Ironically, I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming.

Racial tension has been at an all time high since the election of Barack Obama. We’ve had an assault on African-American men since the election. Whether it be genocide, homicide, or even a suicide, Black men have been under siege for a period of time and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Today I sit and watch all of the support for immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. I support each of these causes. My only question is where were y’all when they were killing black men in the street?  🤔

Many of the arguments in support of immigration, which I support, are rooted in their potential contributions to our society. It almost seems like America doesn’t believe black AMERICANS have the potential to contribute to our society. I guess they forgot who built this country? Or maybe they just don’t care.


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