Almost Fed Up: A Knicks Fan On The Brink


I hate very deeply that I am a Knicks fan. I have a million reasons to quit being one, but I can’t just let go of something that I’ve cried with, battled with, and spent so much money on over the years. However, this year it’s becoming easier to want to walk away from the team that I’ve loved for so many years.

Being a Knicks fan was everything up until around 2000. We were always competitive and we always had a team that you could be proud of. When Dolan bought the franchise in 1999 there were so many reasons to be excited about the future of the Knicks. After making the finals the year before, the Knicks traded away Patrick Ewing and since then it’s been dismal to say the least in New York.

The future of the Knicks looked like the trade may not impact us as Latrell Spreewell and Alan Houston appeared destined to lead the Knicks to greatness before injuries set in on Houston and Spreewell lost it all together. The Knicks came back and turned over the keys to the franchise to Isaiah Thomas and well you know the rest. After finally getting out of all those bad contracts and failed experiments, the Knicks are still a shadow of anything great.

I got my hopes up high when we got Amare Stoudemire and then paired Carmelo Anthony up with him. It looked like a match made in heaven but Amare’s body wasn’t going to allow him to be what he was.

Now when I watch the Knicks I get frustrated. Phil Jackson is a joke. James Dolan is a coward. The treatment of Charles Oakley in the garden was an embarrassment. The team was in 3rd place in the East and then Jackson starts making remarks about Carmelo and the team slides to 5th. Then he starts talking trade and the team slides to the 11th spot. Now it appears as if everyone is playing for themselves.

Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah came to play with Melo and Porzingis and now they see that one of them is probably going to be moved. They don’t have that fire that they started the season with. Fans have turned on Melo because the sports writers want him out of town. Fans are followers and can’t make observations on their own. They need someone to point them to the problems so they can then magnify them.

My frustrations as a Knicks fan are starting to become a burden and when that becomes the case, I get disinterested. This season should have been one of celebration and a chance of getting back to the playoffs. We have a team that could very well compete and make it to the second round. Instead we’re answering questions about things that really shouldn’t matter.


One thought on “Almost Fed Up: A Knicks Fan On The Brink

  1. Tareau Barron February 13, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    Great post man. Dave and myself talked about this on podcast 53. Check it out if you can. I feel your pain man

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