HB2 Robbed NC From A Memorable 2017


All star weekend is upon us and it’s officially a bust for me. Why? Because it was supposed to be played in NC. It was supposed to be an event that would allow me to pay homage to my favorite era of players (classes of 02 and 03) as they get ready to pass the torch on to the next generation of great ball players.

Chances are this year will be the last one that any of those guys are All Star worthy with the exception of Lebron James. When you look at the roster, Melo was a late addition, D Wade didn’t get enough votes, Chris Paul is notably absent, Bosh no longer hoops, and D Howard is no longer the elite big man in the NBA.

Seriously this was supposed to be me and my daughter at the All Star game this year:

This was supposed to be my chance to say goodbye but the great state of North Carolina decided that HB2 was more significant than keeping major sporting events in our state. HB2 single-handedly cost the state more than a few billion dollars. Moving the All Star game out of Charlotte and removing any college football and basketball post season games out of the state are going to ruin a lot of places that depend on the resources generated from those events.

Now the time of year I covet the most (March Madness) is going to be a crap shoot for me to see great games. The good thing about living in the Triangle Area is that between UNC and Duke, you are guaranteed to see some quality NCAA hoops come tournament time. Tickets usually go around $50 – $80 dollars ¬†and the games are amazing. Now it looks as if I’m going to have to travel to see some quality hoops.

This drastically changes the game for me. I was already looking forward to this year as the table was set for me to have a great sports year. Now I’ve missed every quality sports encounter of the year and it looks like I’ll miss many more thanks to the ineptitude of the state in which I live.


4 thoughts on “HB2 Robbed NC From A Memorable 2017

  1. Tareau Barron February 17, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    They didn’t realize the economical downfall that this would bring.

    • Joe Simmons February 17, 2017 / 8:28 pm

      They didn’t think this would happen. They called thr governments bluff and the NBA, NCAA, and MLB bluff. Then they said it wouldn’t be long. They thought that on the strength of UNC and Duke it would be a year at the most. Now they are panicking

      • Tareau Barron February 17, 2017 / 8:42 pm

        It’s crazy because they didn’t realize how much revenue that the Allstar games produced in one weekend some businesses make their yearly profits. Smh. I feel really bad for those small businesses.

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