Being Yourself In A World That Wants You To Be Someone Else

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It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything for the blog. Time commitments, and a daughter that requires a lot more of my time has changed the game a little but I’m back on it and I’m going to try and post a few days a week again.

Today I want to rant. The state of America is so opinionated. You know when you have an opinion and another person has an opinion, y’all are basically just two people with opinions… which is cool. It only becomes a problem when people start to believe an opinion is fact when it is not.

The reality is that most of us are not discussing science or research, we’re usually just giving out opinions. No matter how ridiculous you believe another person’s opinion is, it doesn’t mean that your opinion is better… it’s just your opinion.

How do we quantify what we say or do? Usually we cite sources or we prove it with mathematical equations. Some things however are hard to prove. For example, I have a theory that Christianization of black people have made them want to be white instead of being themselves. I’m sure many of you will look at me and say that’s some bull crap. Others of you will look at that sentence and say explain.

Let me explain… From a very young age, blacks are being told to go to college and make something of themselves. They are told that they should get a corporate job, dress for success, talk in complete sentences and very rarely do you hear other races say these things. I’m not saying these things won’t help, but very rarely do we pursue things that we can own versus things that put us in position to serve.

The Koreans are opening up beauty supply stores all over the United States. The Vietnamese and Burmese are opening nail salons and restaurants. The Chinese are opening up restaurants and even locking down sections of major cities with their own products for consumption. The Arabs are opening service stations and convenience stores in every city in the country. No group has moved to America and been more successful than the Jews and the Latino population has come to America and followed the Chinese model and are opening up laundromats and service centers for their people to shop and operate. (1)

Before you come for me with the “OH BUT THERE ARE BLACK BUSINESSES” in America quote, here is my point.

None of these groups were told they had to be like anyone else to succeed. They stayed themselves and made it work. The only thing we’ve had any relative success with on a large level in America is the distribution process. Distribution of things that weren’t legal to distribute. If we can take that same work ethic and put it towards something that could be beneficial to the community, the sky is the limit.

The problem we have is that society isn’t ready for that. It’s like when Stringer Bell tried to go legit in THE WIRE. (2) Everyone wants to talk about what they don’t have or what they can’t do but when someone tries to break the mold, they get told they are out of line. When someone tries to create a new path like Lavar Ball is doing with his boys, they are deemed troublemakers.

Until we as African Americans learn how to work the system, they will always work for the system.


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