Test It Before You Buy It or Nah?


Many people believe that living together is a good test run before committing to marriage, helping to lessen the inevitable marital problems. But moving in together means a commitment that goes deeper than many people realize – buying or renting a place together, getting a dog and sharing in an exclusive relationship. And couples who aren’t sure they want to marry will find it much more difficult to end the relationship.

However I think I read somewhere a few years ago that the overall divorce rate is higher among couples who have lived together before marrying. However this weekend in preparing for your question I uncovered a new study that shows that the real risk is for those who lived with someone other than their eventual spouse. Read More

Why Alabama Is Different When It Comes To College Football

When you look at The University of Alabama football, it almost always looks like they stay ahead of the curve.  Taking old coaches and scrubbing them clean while rehabilitating them for future head coaching positions is the cornerstone for Nick Saban.

Nick Saban is always 5 steps in front of everyone else. Saban is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. While the NCAA and most universities play amateur sports, Saban understands that this is big business. Alabama wins because they have the best business model. They invest, they work to their own standard, they’re audacious, hold themselves accountable AND they don’t care what you think about them. Four National Championships in seven years and the favorite to win the 5th in eight years in January. Read More

Running vs. Cross Training


If you follow me on any social media you would swear I was a runner. For many months I used the hashtag #butimnotarunnertho and folks would tell me that I was. Ironically I do run about every day. The difference is, I’m not a runner by choice or by force, its just a part of my everyday routine to keep weight off.

I was a big man a few years ago. I was hitting the scale at 305 pounds. I started a cardio regimen of one and a half hours a day to help get the weight off. Whether it be biking, running, walking, elliptical, or several sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) the objective was to get to at least an hour and a half of cardio per day. Read More

Leg Day; Building Your Base


Leg day is probably the most underutilized day in the weight room. Until recently, it’s been fairly taboo to work legs in the lab. You see lots of women now utilizing the squat bar as they try to shape their lower half into something mesmerizing. Most men don’t realize that building their lower half will help them down the road.

Squatting helps with testosterone levels as men get older and when you’re younger, it only adds fuel to the fire. A strong lower body also cements the base and allows you to focus more on your core than usual. Read More

Changing It Up


Sometimes I just like to break the monotony and start my day differently than the previous days. Whether it be sending a corny joke to a significant other or calling a person who I haven’t talked too in a long period of time. Being a creature of habit is sometimes boring so it’s good to mix things up. The problem is that when people get used to you being a certain way, when you switch it up, they think something is up or something is going on because you’re acting or doing things differently.

I’ve learned a lot about people the past few years. Some people are impossible. They can find or suspect the worst in everything. Regardless of what you do, they find something bad in it. They sit and look for the bad all day long and when something looks a little off, they bring it too your attention. The reality is they will never be happy because they can’t get over themselves. Read More

Clutch Gene: Father Time is Undefeated


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Father Time is probably the most unfriendly person any athlete or human being wants to encounter. Father Time is undefeated and eventually he will claim at least part of your spirit and take away your ability to do extraordinary things in the process. Some athletes find a way to defy Father Time. Others seem to give in to the old fella and in a desperate attempt to prove him wrong, fall to a level where their greatness will be forever questioned.

A few athletes figured it out early and discovered when to quit. Others defied him in ordinary moments, but on his biggest and brightest stage Father Time reigned supreme.

Dwyane Wade – Considered by most to be the most athletic of the trio of fantastic players in the 2003 NBA draft. Wade was unmistakably a force and impact player and never Read More

Chest Day In The Lab


Everyone loves a strong chest. It’s the centerpiece of everyone’s workout when they first start working out but honestly most of us don’t maximize the plethora of chest exercises that will give you the best look and results.

Most people run directly to the bench press. Bench will give you a strong chest, but it won’t give you maximum results for the chest and chest development. In order to get the best benefit, a full range of motion is necessary. Dumbbells offer the best range of motion because you can take them below the body and you can isolate each side of the pectoral region for maximum results. Read More