Saying Goodbye To History


Today we say goodbye to a historical moment. We’ve witnessed a feat that I never imagined possible in my lifetime and I’m a mere 43 years of age. When I first began teaching, I would often say that the likely nature of there ever being a black president in my lifetime was pretty slim. I used to say this because growing up in the south, there was no way southerners would be willing to endorse a black leader.  Continue reading

Turn Me Back To The Old Me

Have you ever been in a great mood and wanted to share a moment with someone and they do something that just ruins your mood? Whether it be to belittle something you think is important or throw shade on a gesture that you made, they find a way to change your mood instantly.

That moment when you’re fired up. You’ve just got some spectacular news (in your eyes anyway) and you want to share it. You tell them and they just dismiss it. You go from hype to Florida Evans. (DAMN, DAMN, DAMN)…. It often makes you wonder why you share anything. Continue reading

Friend, Acquaintance, or Taker


Do you have that one friend or associate who only calls on you when they need something? You haven’t heard from them in weeks or even months and all of a sudden out of nowhere they show up or because they are going to be near you they want to connect? Real friends don’t just pop up when it’s convenient. Real friends show love all the time.

Its frustrating when you think someone is in your corner for the long haul and they really only want to interact because it provides some convenience for them. Maybe they just want to kick it or maybe they just want you to drop some coin on them while they are in your presence.  Continue reading

Giving Back And Learning


A few weeks ago I did something that I felt I needed to do. You’ve read several stories of my childhood on here and I felt that I needed to speak to the youth of American and let them know that they have choices. I visited a local youth incarceration facility to speak to a few of the kids there. I got the idea this summer from a very special woman who showed me that sharing is caring.  Continue reading

Be The One He Keeps Not The One That Got Away


Ladies, have you ever wondered what makes guys propose to THAT girl and not you? Are you under the impression all guys just want to marry supermodels? Do you have to be like his grandmother in the kitchen? Not necessarily but none of these things hurt. These days, guys now see themselves as more realistic and mature. Every woman has the potential to be Mrs. Right but she might just need a little help smoothing out the edges. Men are simple creatures, we like happy, horny, and grateful. The following ideas are tips that will get you started in the realm of capturing that man and then keeping him. Continue reading

Misconception of The Millennials

Young people man and woman using technology gadget

Many of us have felt the wrath of what too much information can do to sensory overload. Some of the people I know and care deeply for are obsessed with confirmation of what they have and what they do. The old adage of too much information or not broadcasting everything doesn’t really exist in today’s society.

I myself have learned the ways of the millennial and use it to my advantage when perusing possible work or exclusive offers. However I refuse to fall victim to broadcasting things that will limit my opportunities and future earning potential. Therefore I never swear or use things that can be connected to hurt my chances of future employment on social media.

Being a member of Generation X we borrowed the idea of being free spirited from the Baby Continue reading

Get Back In The Game


It’s time for you to get over that past relationship, and get back on the market. The problem is it’s been so long that you don’t know where to start. Well have no fear; here are some steps to get you moving in the right direction or down the path to the right direction but I digress.

The first step of finding a new love is to not look for one, yes I said it “don’t look”! You have the habit of looking for love in all the wrong places anyway. After you get out of an old relationship use the time you have for self reflection. Continue reading