Getting To Know Your Students Will Improve Their Success and Yours


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One cannot help you if they don’t understand who you are…

Does that sound like a cliche or is that real? When I think about the problems that we have in the educational system I often wonder how we can ever help those that we don’t understand. I’ve often felt a little helpless when it comes to dealing with teaching people who don’t have a grasp of the English language. Not that they aren’t brilliant, but because I know a lot gets lost in translation.

I’ve done everything I can do within reason to help eliminate the barriers as much as possible. I used to have my ex girlfriend give me a word or phrase a day that would help me stay connected to the students I was trying to reach. I think that deep down inside they were happy that I was trying to understand them so they opened up to what I was offering. The results got better and I was thankful to have a resource to lean on to make things run smoothly with those kids.  Continue reading