Hump Day Workout – Back and Biceps


Today the workout was brutal. I started it off with a run and ended it with a brutal back and biceps workout. Back is my favorite workout. People neglect the back, but it’s the cornerstone for the body and getting yourself the perfect V Cut. A strong back helps when you’re trying to build a strong core and a strong chest.

1. Lat Pull-downs

One of my favorite moves. Don’t swing when you are doing them. Keep your posture good. On each set mix it up. On the first set take it behind the neck. The second set take it to the chest. The third set squeeze it at the bottom behind the neck. The fourth set double pump Read More

Is There A Such Thing As An Ugly Person


The title says it all. I’ve seen dudes that women will call hideous one minute and the next minute they are all over him. I’ve also heard stories where women would start desiring a man who previously wanted them, and after years of curving him, she would give him a chance because he found some woman and she looked happy.

Women and men are creatures of habit. A guy can post a million selfies on social media and all it takes is that one that shows his potential and some women  are all over it. Maybe he’s built well, maybe it’s his beard, his chest, or on that day the sun hit his face perfectly and the bond is built.  Read More

Training vs. Exercising


Today I started a training program to change the way my body looks. I’ve always been able to add bulk but I’ve very rarely been able to sustain a lean muscular look for more than a few months. When I get to that point, I usually either get too skinny and lose muscle or get too caught up and start lifting heavily and eating poorly and bulking up.

This program is supposed to help me achieve a happy medium. It’s similar to what I’ve always done, but the diet restrictions mixed with lower weight and higher reps are going to be something that I’ll have to get used too. I am currently weighing in at 226 lbs. Read More

Shoulder Workout 

Haven’t written much about working out lately but it’s a big part of what I do on a daily basis. As the holidays season continues to approach, I will post a few workouts so you can follow my progress . 

Traphouse Shoulders

Warm up 

7 minute power walk
3 x 2 minutes jump rope
3 x 30 second hanging stretch

The Routine 3 x 12
Good morning shoulder raises
Bands front raises
Bands side raises
Arnold shoulder press
Side plank shoulder pull press
Dumbell Shrugs
Dumbell front punches
Dumbell side punches

Cool down
Arm behind back stretch, wall press, Negative pushups, elbow back stretch




I have so much to be thankful for every year and I’m excited that this year there isn’t an exception. So many times in our lives we lean on others in our times of need. However there are many of us who don’t have people to lean on. I’d like to personally thank those who have extended themselves to me in the past year.

I’ve had a lot of difficult circumstances to deal with the past 365 days. Some of the things are things that I brought on myself and others are things that should have been thwarted and I let them carry on far too long.

My daughter is making terrific progress as she has now grown into a great 6 year old version of myself. Read More



Sometimes the simplest things in life are always missed. Too many times in our lives we don’t take the right path or do what’s right. Too many times we take the easy way out. It’s like growing up watching Different Strokes when Arnold was getting bullied by the Gooch and nobody ever really came to his defense.

As a people we decide what’s acceptable and what we will tolerate by our actions. As Chanda Little put it best when giving us an example. Let’s say we planned to meet at the corner store and walk to class together every day.  While we are on our way to class, a bully and his friends approach us and begin to harass your best Read More



In life there are things that I do not and will never completely understand. People need to back up things they say but for some reason they don’t like to reveal their sources. It’s like turning to ESPN and listening to someone say Chris Broussard is guaranteeing that Player X is going to blah blah blah according to an anonymous source. Nobody believes anything from anonymous sources. Because everyone knows the anonymous source is in your head.

If I ever come to you with something that is life changing, or life altering and I tell you not mention my name or tell anyone about it, it’s probably a fabrication. Read More