Standards and Status Quo


Sustaining a relationship is tough. It’s much harder than getting into one and definitely harder than ending one as well. Expectations and intricacies make it hard for anyone to keep a person that you love happy. In an age of social media and the exuberance of millennials people want more and more of you. They want to over exemplify the importance of you because the more they can post you, the more they can embellish the fact that they have something or someone in their life. As I have often discussed the logistics of a quality relationship should remain separate from the broadcast world but you should and can acknowledge that you have someone important in your life.

I had a discussion the other day with a woman my age and she was perplexed at the amount of information that people volunteer about their lives and relationships. She elaborated on the Facebook status or the Twitter feed as the launchpad for people and their problems especially in relationships. Continue reading “Standards and Status Quo”

Discovering What You Already Know


I’ve been writing about things in my life for a while now. If you know me, you already know that I am a Gemini to the core. I get bored easily and sometimes I throw caution into the wind and do some asinine things. Periodically I forget that I am on a path to greatness and I throw a curve ball at the game of life.

Being a Gemini isn’t easy. Folks immediately label you and rightfully so as our reputation as journeymen and wanderers is more real than Santa Clause. This one chick that I went out with told me that I would be gone in a month so she was going to enjoy me while she could. Not sure how or why she said it though because I was planning on being around for at least two months before heading for the hills (seriously I am kidding). Continue reading “Discovering What You Already Know”

Finding Yourself Through Words


A lot of people often ask me why I write. Honestly I have always been into reading and writing, I just never really shared anything with other people. Most of my life I’ve kept most of my writing to myself. I never even thought of letting anyone read anything until one day my good friend Corey took a look at some of the stuff I was spitting out. So every week they would ask to see what I had done. This went on for a while. I wrote for my friends for a couple of years to try and capture the essence of a variety of topics.

The writing was usually full of humor and metaphors and they seemed to like it and started sharing it so the inner circle got bigger and bigger. After more people started taking notice I began to contribute too many websites expressing my views, but I never in a million years thought I would take on a site of my own and try and make it a site of the people. My People! Continue reading “Finding Yourself Through Words”

Friends With Benefits


Life brings an array of circumstances that the average person is not adequately equipped to deal with. Some of us are so emotionally attached that we often forget that people can just want something from you with out actually wanting you. It’s hard for the human psyche to correlate but as of late, people are becoming clearer in what they want or expect from the people around them.

A few days ago there was a topic tending on twitter. Not that it’s anything new because most topics on twitter are guaranteed to be discussed at least once a week, but the circle of people discussing it may change. The topic was centered around the notion that women can be savages too. Continue reading “Friends With Benefits”

Finding Rain When Your Luck Is Down

losing streak

Many times we go long periods without water or rain and the world suffers for it. Sometimes in life we go without things that we feel we need but it seems that no one cares that those things aren’t present in their lives until they are gone. Once something is gone, you miss it as if a piece of you is missing.

Periods of droughts can have significant environmental, agricultural, health, economic and social consequences. The effect varies according to vulnerability. For example, subsistence farmers are more likely to migrate during drought because they do not have alternative food sources. Areas with populations that depend on as a major food source are more vulnerable to drought-triggered famine. Continue reading “Finding Rain When Your Luck Is Down”

Milk Carton Ballers: What Happened To Khalid El-Amin and Ed O’Bannon


I haven’t written anything about sports in a minute and quite frankly I’m itching too put some good things down on paper. I used to do a segment called Milk Carton Ballers. It was for old school sports aficionados who always wondered where some guys who electrified us in college and went off the grid were today. Well today we locate Khalid El Amin and Ed O’Bannon.

There hasn’t been a guy like Khalid El Amin in the history of college basketball. He was every overweight kids dream player simply because he was short, stocky, and could get buckets on anyone. (I say this because I fit all of the descriptions you just read as a child and some would argue I still do today but I digress.) Rumor has it that he beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one but I can’t prove it so I’ll leave it at that. Continue reading “Milk Carton Ballers: What Happened To Khalid El-Amin and Ed O’Bannon”

Love vs. Lust



Ah…the four-letter L words; LOVE and LUST.  While we’re at it, let’s discuss LIKE, being that it’s many times a liaison between the two. Often, these words are used interchangeably, become intertwined, overused and underestimated.  The definition of each will be different for every person depending on what examples they have been exposed to and experiences they have encountered.  However, the basics are quite simple:

LUST is the initial attraction to a person that you may feel instantly.  You may deem them good-looking or find their confidence and how they carry themselves sexy.  Either way, you lose yourself undressing them with your eyes as they roll back into your head sending you into a dream that plays over and over in your mind when you see them.  Once you get to know someone and begin sharing your interests, hobbies, and background, LIKE can be added to the equation. 

Continue reading “Love vs. Lust”