How to Fix The Pro Bowl


After watching the Pro Bowl last night it was apparent that the younger players were far more vested in playing than the older guys. Rightfully so as the older guys are nearing the end of their careers and they know that an injury would derail the end of their careers. This years Pro Bowl at least exerted effort. I loved seeing the defense step up and play hard and offensive players put forth an effort that made it appear more than a 7 on 7 match-up.

Viewing the game I started having a lot of ideas about what would make this game a little more interesting. I like the fact that the players are elected by the fans. They do a great job of selecting the people that are most deserving. However they may not choose the players that would be the best fit for the game.

Here’s how I would fix it: Continue reading


Expectations When Looking For The Perfect Job


I am offering a few words for those of you who are seeking employment between the ages of 25 – 35 years of age. Please do not get offended and disregard if it doesn’t pertain to you because this is only meant to help or improve your chances of future employment. If you are in this age range and want to enter the professional business world, I want to share some thoughts. I’m over 40 so this makes me an expert! Actually far from that but I digress.

Some of you very well know I am an educator as well as an entrepreneur. I understand and value time. In order to make money, you have to balance time and put a price tag on your time so you never really want to waste it when you don’t have too. Continue reading

Body Goals and Changing Routine

This week I set out to make a difference in the way I look. I’ve been health conscious most of my life but I’ve had years that I’ve let myself go. The most stressful years were when I’ve either changed jobs or had a child on the way. Some people are stress eaters, but I don’t think that I am. In fact, when I get stressed, I work out or try to relieve stress in a physical manner.

When I look at my progress, the correlation of me gaining and losing weight is usually connected to my personal life. More specifically my sex life. When your sex life is good, the late night snacking and over eating don’t happen because you want to be able to perform at a high level. You don’t eat a big meal before you go out and run a few miles or play hoops so if you’re going to perform at a high level you need to be light on your feet. Continue reading

Taking A Step Forward


Most of my life focusing on the present moment has been something I struggle with. As hard as I try, and as much as I know it’s so much better to live in the now, I struggle with finding the present moment among my constantly racing thoughts. Whether it’s the already-happened past creeping back into my mind or the who-knows-if-it-will-happen future taking hold of my thoughts, more often than not I find myself living somewhere other than the present moment. And, of course, that’s not what I want to be doing.

Apparently looking backward has always been a fault of mine. In a lot of ways it was the primary reason I started this site. I wanted to, and still want to, stop focusing on the past. I write about things that happened to me a lot because it allows me to reflect on things that I need to work on about myself. Continue reading

Patriots And Falcons: Old vs. New


When you think about excellence, nothing stands out like the New England Patriots. In their 16 seasons under Bill Belichick, the Patriots have won the Super Bowl four times, been runner-up twice and missed the postseason just three times. Super Bowl 51 should be a crowning achievement for the Patriots as Belichick participates in his seventh and Tom Brady tries to win his fifth making him the winningest Super Bowl quarterback of all time.

The Patriots face an Atlanta team that is participating in its second ever Super Bowl but they have yet to pop the champagne bottle as a victor. Atlanta represents the new guard when it comes to football excellence. Continue reading

Unnecessary Stress And The Human Psyche

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?

What I’ve found over the years is that some people look for reasons to be unhappy. When things are going great, they find a way to rock the boat. It’s not that they intend too, but they figure out a way to upset what the universe has provided them with.

Pro Football Talk ran a story today about how Antonio Brown was upset when the Steelers scored their first touchdown because he wanted the ball and was pouting on the sidelines. We’re talking about the actions of the best wide receiver in football who is playing in a playoff game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl and you’re over there pouting!!! Continue reading

Forcing Things Never Works Long Term


Life has an amazing way of humbling us. As people on this planet, we often think we control our destiny or in some ways we believe that we can force things into existence. What we should be doing is trying to incorporate things into a plan or vision that we have for ourselves and stop forcing things that we want to see into existence.

Everything from jobs, friendships, and relationships are factored into this equation. Life lessons should be learned from. Models for success are everywhere but the model that you need to work from may not be in play right away. People who are good at what they do are good at it because they know when to take calculated risks. They play chess with their adversaries and make the moves that send them into the position that they want them to play.  Continue reading