Sometimes Being an Adult Is Overrated


Commitment is a hard animal to absorb and being responsible is even harder. Life requires adults to handle both responsibly.  Some days the burdens of being an adult really make me long for my childhood years again. Whether it’s the long days with your children or an extensive list of things you have to do for work, the totality of it all makes you wonder why you rushed the best years of your life away to be an adult.

I remember being a young carefree kid who didn’t have many worries. I didn’t have to get up and go to work, nor did I have to get a child ready for school. I love my job and I love my kid but I miss being carefree and not having any real worries.

Life does come at you fast and most of what we have in life can be attributed to hard work and self accomplishment. Continue reading “Sometimes Being an Adult Is Overrated”

Detective Dating


There’s an old saying that says if you look hard enough for anything, you will find it. What exactly does that mean? Men and women alike spend a lot of time stalking what their mate is doing. They watch every aspect of what they are doing from social media to interactions with friends.

If the person you’re in a relationship with feels the need to analyze and critique everything you do, then it’s only a matter of time before they find something, true or not, to bring drama into the relationship.  Modern relationships are based on the notion that your significant other is always up to something no good.  Continue reading “Detective Dating”

People Can Change


For many months we find reasons to doubt the things that give us life. One thing that we don’t always see is that people come in all sizes, shapes, and beings. What do I mean by this? Everyone is different by nature.

I went to college with this guy, let’s call him Chris. Chris was an eclectic. He liked his women fast and his life was fancy. He would often find himself somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Chris poisoned his chances of happiness because he was always in it for himself. Chris had a couple of kids and was not the best father on the world.

Then one day reality hit him in the head. He started to realize that he was probably missing out on a lot of great possibilities because he was so caught up in the superficial. He wanted the chick who was the best looking, or down for whatever. Ironically as he got older, his taste in women started to change. Continue reading “People Can Change”

The Day The Savage Died


Let me tell you a story about my homie. He was born a wanderer, a lost soul. Oddly enough he knew how to cope. Days would pass and he applied himself as a savage beast, as he roamed for years looking to conquer everything in site. Four phases of his life he walked the straight and narrow. He was a one woman man and loved them unconditionally.

The first was at a young age. During his high school years he was locked down by a dark-skinned cutie from his hometown. She had his soul on a string and she may have turned him into the beast he is today with the hurt she put him through.

The second was with a caramel divine sweet thing, lets call her Shells. She was like the gatekeeper of his heart. He was truly out of the game with her. Continue reading “The Day The Savage Died”

Change, Rationale, and Integrity


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Sometimes in every mans life he makes a decision or two that can change his perspective. We put so many things on the line for selfish reasons because in our mind we are destined to do things that rationally don’t make a lot of sense. I have fallen victim to my own greed and disdain several times in my life. It has cost me money, time, and relationships all of which I valued, but didn’t really consider the consequences of my actions. We sometimes develop a sense of invincibility because we are blinded for selfish reasons.

I’ve hurt and stained many people through interactions in my time. I have told you the stories of me going all the way back to my high school years all the way through today. Let me say that every man has to go through trials and tribulations. I’ve definitely gone through mine. I’ve decided that it’s time to be a better man. What does that mean? It’s time for me to walk the path that I’m destined to walk. Continue reading “Change, Rationale, and Integrity”

30 For 30 2013: Day 26 – Pursuit of Happiness



I have lived my life to the fullest. You have heard me tell tales of escapades that are almost unbelievable. I have traveled places, seen many things and I have had experiences that make you want to scream with joy and delight.

There is nothing in life like being happy. Whether it comes from a special someone or an event, it’s the majesty that propels one to believe in “heaven on earth.” Not many of us can say we live our lives to the fullest. Some of us are so careful with our lives that we never reach what’s intended.

My goal in life is simple. I plan on wearing the shell of my body out. To the point that when I die, it looks like got maximum use out of it. No need for it to waste away. Too many of us live our lives in a shell. What we don’t realize is that the shell is the human body. It takes on many forms.

Find what makes you happy and engulf yourself in it. I know I do when I get a chance. Whether it’s going out of my way to find happiness, or casting thirteen episodes of greatness in a few days, I plan on enduring more and more happiness as I continue to embark my journey.  I continue to stay thankful for all of the happiness that has been bestowed upon me. I have a lot to be thankful for.

30 For 30 2013: Day 20 – Recognizing Shade


I know you are scratching your head at this one. Shade!?!? What the what? Well shade is a good and bad thing. When it’s hot, nothing cools you off better than shade when you can’t get inside to air conditioning or a nice fan. However there is more to shade than meets the eye.

Shade comes in various forms. There is the physical form (from a building, a tree, or a tall structure). Then there is the lyrical form (slander, sly remarks, and quick responses). Finally there is the persona of shade (the person who you can’t trust in any circumstances).

I am only versed in the physical. I love shaded areas. They keep me so cool. On the other hand I have these friends who have mastered the second form. The lyrical form of shade. “No Shade, But Shade” is their forte. All they do is slander folks from one area to the next.They can throw shade from any direction at the drop of a dime. I almost believe they walk around with palm trees in their back pockets these days. You have to watch people like this.


The latter of the three forms is the person you might not want to associate with. You might ask yourself why a person like me would associate with such “SHADY” people. Well the answer is simple they are always good for a laugh if you know that they are SHADY in the first place.

I’m just thankful I can recognize SHADE from far away.