Know Thyself But Grow Thyself


When you access your life you learn a lot about yourself. You have to know enough about yourself to analyze and see if you are fatally flawed. Some of us have been philanderers for a large part our adult lives. Sadly most of us have never had a problem with it either. As we grow older and access our relationships going forward, we have to really dial back on our excessive means and lock in on what is most important or we are doomed to fail. When you take a good look at all the relationships your actions have cost you, it should make you invoke reason as why and how you have lasted as long as you have in any relationship that you have had.

The American Dream is settling down and having a family that you can be proud of. The problem lies in the fact that most men really never want to be in one place for a long period of time.
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The Dream That Didn’t Happen The Way It Should Have


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People in American society have come a long way on the surface. ¬†Politically we are more divided than ever and overt racism is more apparent than it’s been in years. What happened to make the divide greater throughout the years?

Before you start with “you’ve got a black president and there’s only a few racist people out there”, let me jump in and say hold up one minute. I’ll acknowledge that statement and say it’s progress but having a standing position of power doesn’t make things different. In fact lets carry it one step further. African-Americans aged 35 – 55 are the DREAM SEEDS of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When using the term DREAM SEEDS you have to acknowledge the I Have A Dream Message that Dr. King planted. Those seeds were planted by Dr. King and made a reality once America got its first black president, lawyers, CEO’s, doctors, entrepreneurs, and established practitioners. Continue reading “The Dream That Didn’t Happen The Way It Should Have”

Leveraging Expectations


People often give you more than you want when you least expect it. However when you want more from them they give you very little. It’s interesting how the human psyche will make you take your game up an notch when you feel as if you need to but you rarely go as hard as you should when you don’t necessarily have too.

Where does the problem lie tho? Sometimes we expect far too much from people because we have our own ideas of what life should be. Experience teaches us that we have to keep our expectations in check because sometimes we pursue the unimaginable in an effort to get what we want when we want it.

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Putting Things Off


Habits are ridiculous. We often take things for granted or assume that it will be easier to put things on the back burner until another day. Why do human beings feel obligated to put things off for later that could be easily done at the current time? There are several factors that contribute to the inclination to put things off.

Life comes at you fast and allocation of time is pertinent. Whether you are taking trips or you have a lot of jobs to take care of, managing time is essential to success. How many times have you taken a trip and forgot something that you should have easily packed away but because you waited until the last minute it went completely unnoticed and was forgotten?¬† Continue reading “Putting Things Off”

A Broken System: The Tale of 2 Candidates Nobody Wants

A Broken System: The Tale of 2 Candidates Nobody Wants

How is it that the political system is so screwed up? Thousands of people are frustrated because they feel as if their vote really doesn’t matter. In the age of primary elections, caucuses, and delegates we have a system that appears to be somewhat broken. How might you ask? The whole system of delegation makes sense when it’s left up to the people but the SUPER DELEGATE is somewhat of a mystery. Super delegation appears to carry more weight than it should.

2016 will be the year of the candidate that no one likes. It’s going to be more party driven than ever before. There appears on the surface to be no clear love or respect for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as candidates for President of the United States. If America doesn’t love them, how can you expect the rest of the world to love them? Continue reading “A Broken System: The Tale of 2 Candidates Nobody Wants”

Sacrifice For The Greater Good

Sacrifice For The Greater Good

Within our hearts we find reasons to want to own things. Whether its property, or pieces of another person, we want what we want and will live by any means of collecting it. Sometimes we have to let go of things that we hold dear to us to make room for the unexpected or what we are working for. It may cost us opportunities but the reality of change and persistence will make life easier in the end.

Hard work is extremely important. People put in a lot of time and effort to make sure they can provide adequately. If you’re a person that loves to travel or you have relationships that pull you in different directions, work will often keep you grounded. Work may ground you, but sometimes it may feel like all you do is work.

The past few months work has dropped to less than normal but there is still a lot to get accomplished. It may seem strenuous at times but if you love doing what you do, it doesn’t always feel like work.

This it the point in the story where people start to give thanks and praise but not everyone subscribes to that rationale.

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It Takes Someone Strong To Make Someone Strong


When I think about my role as a father it’s been a rocky road. Finding time for my daughter and balancing a few jobs usually means weekends and several days without seeing the one person on this planet that I love more than life itself. It doesn’t happen every week but when it does, I long to get back to her because I understand my significance in her development into a young lady and a productive member of society.

When we get to spend time together I try to reinforce great qualities in her. I teach her to finish what she starts. I teach her to never give up on things just because she doesn’t understand them. I also teach her that just because things don’t go her way immediately doesn’t mean that they won’t turn around for her if she persists.

Expectations on my daughter are pretty high.
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