Sometimes I’m very misunderstood. I rarely ever smile and when I do, people equate it to a smug look that symbolizes mischievous behavior or something bad. Ironically that’s not who I am. I’m fun, I laugh, I tell great jokes, and I am highly critical of myself. Getting to know me will make you start to look past those things that you immediately identify when first meeting me.

I’ll admit, I am an introvert. I don’t talk a lot until I get to know you. I met this one girl and she was a talker and a real outgoing person. When we first started kicking it, it was awkward for her and me because we were two totally different people. We would ride around and it would be very quiet in the car. Read More



Sometimes in life we all want a do over. One of the most powerful words in the world is a two letter word (if). Anytime you hear a sentence that begins with (if) you already know a person is thinking about what could or should have been. The word has connotations but the reality is that it very seldom has any concrete influence because as soon as people hear it, they go into rebuttal mode.

The recent presidential election has a lot of people saying: Read More



Sometimes in life, all you want to do is be appreciated. Whether it’s work, in a relationship, or just among friends you want to be appreciated for your contributions to the situation or group. I’m old school and I make sure that I take care of the people who mean a lot to me.

It’s really hard for expectations to be met all of the time. People are so different that we often think that people think like we do. We very rarely step back and look at what a person is going through or why they made the choices they made and we’re usually pretty quick to judge them based on what we see without looking at the circumstances.

People get spoiled by patterns and when things drift off the norm we wonder if we’re the reason things went the way they did or we’re quick to point out Read More

If Leaves Can Change We Can Too


November is one of my favorite months. I love fall weather and October and November usually deliver in a big way. I love getting outside and interacting with people without having to worry about sweating and overheating. Ironically I usually get in better shape and feel better during these months because of the weather.

I love the fact that I can sleep with the windows open day and night. When I go to bed the temperature is usually around 65 degrees and when I wake up I can be under the covers with a crisp 50 degrees biting at my skin. Taking in that fresh air is great for my neurons and makes me feel alive and energetic.  Read More

What’s In a Name


All of my life I’ve struggled with names. I forget peoples names all of the time. Ask me any persons name on television and I can tell you their characters name but I can barely remember their real name unless there is some form of attachment. This flaw that I possess requires me to get really creative to help remember peoples names.

I like to equate things I miss into categories of lowest to highest and the most intimate things in my life get a nickname. The nickname will usually tell me everything I need to know about the situation and the more intimate the nickname, the more the item means to me.

I once dated a chick and I called her baby cakes. Read More

Who’s The Real Trash Here


I’ll admit that I spend a lot of time on social media. In fact I’ve probably learned more from being on Twitter than I did in college. That being said, sometimes people take things way too far on social media.

The reason I say that I’ve learned more is because sometimes people say things on there that I question and it makes me go do more research, or reach out to someone who is an expert on the area in question.

Sometimes I see people question things and go into rants on things that I consider myself an expert on. The other day, while on Twitter, there was a debate over stamina and the quality of the box. (That’s about as P.G. as I can put it)… Read More

Plans Under Construction


There was a time when life seemed so easy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. There was no need for a plan B because plan A was the mission and I wasn’t going to stop until I reached the finish line. I remember saying that when I die, people would look back at my life and say “wow, that man lived.”

I’ve done a lot and seen a lot in my lifetime. Compared to a lot of people I know and grew up with, I’ve lived the dream already but for some reason I want to do more. I’ve traveled to Europe, Africa, South America, and even Asia. Read More