We All Must Meet Our Moment of Truth


Life is a conundrum of ideas and a culmination of what ifs and what should have been. Sometimes we have to cleanse before we can reach what we are trying to achieve. The problem with a cleanse is that you can flush out the bad, but old habits are hard to kill. Habits can undo us but if you can control what you are doing to create hazardous situations, then you can sustain the results of the cleanse over an extended period of time. The problem is the problem and eventually you’re going to revert back to the bad and it takes a lot of discipline to get back on track. Sometimes it means you lose some of what you have or you have to change your approach to the situation.

The realities of being a man in America are never absolute and abundance will always reign over a lack of what we desire. An abundance of money, women, and power are the assets that men covet more than anything and when he gets comfortable at any level he loses his edge and becomes like everyone else around him. Continue reading