Break Time….


Have you ever pushed yourself too much in an area of your life to the point that it wasn’t as fun as it used too be? I go through phases where I want to dial back who I am in many areas. What causes us to want to trade out things we love to do from time to time? Maybe it’s the Gemini in me but I’m becoming less and less infatuated with social interaction. There are times when talking on the phone seem like a chore. I’ve never really been a very social person but there are times when you feel like you should have interaction with people who you don’t see very often.  Continue reading




Sometimes I’m very misunderstood. I rarely ever smile and when I do, people equate it to a smug look that symbolizes mischievous behavior or something bad. Ironically that’s not who I am. I’m fun, I laugh, I tell great jokes, and I am highly critical of myself. Getting to know me will make you start to look past those things that you immediately identify when first meeting me.

I’ll admit, I am an introvert. I don’t talk a lot until I get to know you. I met this one girl and she was a talker and a real outgoing person. When we first started kicking it, it was awkward for her and me because we were two totally different people. We would ride around and it would be very quiet in the car. Continue reading