Unnecessary Stress And The Human Psyche

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?

What I’ve found over the years is that some people look for reasons to be unhappy. When things are going great, they find a way to rock the boat. It’s not that they intend too, but they figure out a way to upset what the universe has provided them with.

Pro Football Talk ran a story today about how Antonio Brown was upset when the Steelers scored their first touchdown because he wanted the ball and was pouting on the sidelines. We’re talking about the actions of the best wide receiver in football who is playing in a playoff game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl and you’re over there pouting!!! Continue reading


The Day You Realize It’s Time To Let Go


Letting go. It sounds so simple yet it’s super hard for some. I remember when I was younger, I would hold on to things for as long as I could and then realize that it was time to get something new. Getting something new is never the same. Whether it be a blanket, a bike, a car, a pair of jeans, or anything that you hold dear to your heart.

Being a creature of habit makes it hard to let things go. In college I had this pair of purple shorts that I wore to bed every night. I called them Purple Rain’s because well… I’m not sure this is the appropriate place to explain that when I wore them I brought the pain.. But I guess I kinda said it so there it is…

Once I get a routine, it sticks with me. I remember eating Bojangles every day for 2 years. I would pull up to the counter and they already had my food in a box waiting for me at the window. I never even had to order, they would see my car and tell me to pull on around. It was so bad that they even threw me a surprise birthday party one year.  Continue reading

Bigger Than That


The hardest thing in life to do is to be the bigger person. Some of us are overwhelmingly obtuse and can’t forgive when called upon to do so. Forgiving people or taking the high road is a rare commodity in American society today. People hold grudges for things that are petty and immature for extended periods of time.

When is it okay to let go of something that has you feeling some kind of way? How long is long enough to allow something to fester inside of you? I’ve taken the high road a lot in my lifetime. I learned that letting go is always better than letting “what if” or “hell no” play out in my head for an extended period of time.

People and situations come and go, so why would you allow someone to instill a trait in you that creates unhealthy vibes? Surround yourself with positives and flourish like the butterfly that you are. It’s far better than being the bearer of hate and discontent.